Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No more PINK.... please

I started it and now there's no stopping the pink brigade. All the things that I bought for Squiggles initially were either pink or some shade of pink. In my defence, I didn't buy that many things and in my stupidity I didn't realise that most people would give her clothes in pink. As a result 75% of Squiggles wardrobe is in shades of pink. Onesies, blankets, wraps, shoes, socks, mittens.. you name it. Though it makes no difference to her whatsoever, I, the mother, am thoroughly fed up of pink and vow not to buy any more of anything in pink.

Her Atthai sent her some stuff in blue and orange and my first reaction was 'doesn't she know it's a girl?' But I'm ever so grateful because she looks absolutely adorable in blue and is a great contrast to the evergreen pink. Thank you to the other odd few who were brave and creative enough not to choose pink as the colour for her presents.

On the topic of presents, her great aunt presented her with a turkish silver black eye which I think is adorable and very unique. It hangs over her cradle to protect her. Check it out.

PS While I was colouring this post I realised how many times I'd used the word 'pink'. Henceforth, I shall refer to it as 'the colour which must not be named'. And, yes I am a big Potter fan and can't wait till the 21st for the finale.

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you and all the rest of us honey!