Thursday, July 5, 2007

It finally happened!

So far Squiggles has sprayed on DD three times. Till this morning my score was nil, zero, na da. Of which I was so proud. SO PROUD. But she rectified this with a mega bang half an hour ago........ sigh. I want to be so so angry..... in fact I am angry.

Today is Squiggles 28th day of life and I'm supposed to apply a black tikka and make her wear black bangles which her appamai (DD's mom) brought for her from India. I intended to take loads of pics and videos. And to pander to my vanity, I borrowed a salwar kameez from my mom to wear instead of the usual comfort clothes (read DD's old T-shirts) that I am in at home, so that I would look good in the videos and photos.

Little did I know that Squiggles had other plans for me. A regular diaper change turned into a massive poo spray on mommy dearest.. on the borrowed salwar kameez, grandmas bedsheet, squiggles cute little onesie... everything bore testimony to my darling's effort.

But I am stubborn, I have had a shower, borrowed another salwar kameez from my mom and am determined to take all the necessary pictures! Squiggles here I come :))

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