Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Squiggles

Dear Squiggles,

I realized a little while ago that I hadn't got you a card for your birthday. Given the amount of fuss I make when you don't have one for me, I am shocked at myself! So, I guess after I finish writing this I will be devoting my energies to figuring out how to rectify this problem.

It's been a tough little year for you. You've done a lot of growing up and the world as you have known it changed forever when Wiggles arrived. Suddenly you're having to share the centre stage. In the first few days after Wiggles's arrival you were very proud but it soon changed to an underlying sense of sadness. I think somewhere in your heart you were struggling with the change and that's how you were expressing yourself. That sadness gave way to a weird phase where you were making joking comments threatening to break Wiggles' fingers. You did outgrow that and I thought you had adjusted when you suddenly developed a very babyish way of speaking a few weeks ago. So, I guess I became complacent when I thought I didn't have to pay special attention. That;s something that's going to occupy a lot of my thoughts over the next few days.

Anyways, coming back to your big milestone today. Happy 5th birthday darling! You're quite a little girl now with a mind of your own. You have distinct tastes and preferences and have become very discerning in your choice. It's difficult to force our choices on you now and sometimes I wonder why do we bother!

You're one girly little girl. Extremely interested in make up, clothes, jewellery, dressing up, nail polish, barbie, princesses. Your favourite colour is no longer pink. You now claim it to be purple though I think the old pink habits die hard. You've sadly outgrown puzzles and the like but remain interested in books, which warms my heart. I feel good that I was able to pass on my passion and love for books to you. I hope this stays with you throughout your life. I hope that whenever you pick up a book to read you'll remember me :).

This has also been the age when you've started becoming curious about why boys are different and this curiosity has extended into trying to sneak a peek, though there have been vehement denials!

You remain a moody and temperamental child and my latest theory is that it is more prominent when you're hungry. So, I've asked Aunty Marita to give you more smaller meals. Let's see if that shows any improvements. The one worrying thing has been this tendency towards being rude towards the aunties in the house, some screaming and kicking. This is worrying me a lot at the moment. I hope I'm able to figure this out soon before you become a spoilt brat!

Your numeracy skills are coming along well. We spent a lot of time working on that. Reading and writing could be better. I haven't really put together a structured plan for you to focus on that at home so that's my bad. I'll be fixing that soon. Your love of painting and arts and crafts continues.

I do love your sense of humour. There's a naughty streak in you which is more impish rather than destructive. You love making jokes, playing practical jokes and fooling around. You're also questioning things,trying to understand what makes things tick. You're also a bit more spontaneous with expressing your love though as you're growing up I have to keep chasing you for hugs and kisses. You keep wriggling away from me. I miss those days when I could hold you close and you wouldn't protest.

With Wiggles' arrival, it seems like you grew up over night. I have to keep reminding myself that you're still just a tiny little girl.

And some of your behaviors are starting to mirror what I used to do at your age. E.g. you're always bored, in fact the minute you wake up in the morning you proclaim that you're getting bored. That is so me! The other thing which is just like me is your habit of opening the fridge a hundred times a day to see whats inside but never quite finding anything to your liking! I used to drive Mummy Daddy mad with that.

We've started this story telling at bed time where instead of me making up some random stories I'm sharing my childhood stories with you. You really seem to be into it and keep begging me to tell you more. You love these stories and I really enjoy snuggling up with you and sharing them.

You're a smart girl and when you focus you can pick things up really fast. The consistent feedback from all your teachers is that it's difficult to get you to focus. Sigh...we'll work on that this year my angel :).

Love you loads. May Gurubaba keep you safe, happy and healthy. I love you to bits. What.. I said that already? So what, I can say it however many times I want. I love you.......... Happy birthday! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We have a foodie!

Little wiggles started experimenting with solids when she was 4.5 months old. The first few days of banana were approached with caution. But after that the idea of solids really got through and we haven't looked back.

A month later we tried giving her rice and dal water which she really enjoyed. And we're also varying the fruits that we offer. She loves her apple and mango. And the khichdi has progressed to a little bit of aloo mixed in as well.

She's enjoying her meal times and we are using more of the high chair than we ever did with wiggles. So, the high chair is finally paying for itself!

Turning 6 months old

Just as wiggles turned 6 months, she started to support herself in a sitting position. And started grabbing everything that she can grab her hands on, especially food!

But she also welcomed this phase with a bout of fever, vomiting and crankiness. The doc said it was viral but I suspect we have some serious teething going on too!

Monday, March 26, 2012

My best friend

Wiggles' first essay

I love my thumb. I can suck it all day long. My mom tries to take it out of my mouth but I am a stubborn little thing. I put it right back where it belongs. What my mom needs to understand is that I love my thumb SO much. I mean it's the only thing right now that I have access to all the time and I can play with it the whole day. It tastes pretty yummy too...mmmm.

I love my thumb. It's my best friend :).

The end.

Four square

No, nothing to do with the geo-social site. Rather everything to do with the 2 stars of this blog. Squiggles is 4 years old for a few months longer and Wiggles just turned 4 months old a couple of days ago.
We were always very diligent about celebrating squiggles monthly birthdays. But with wiggles somehow things got in the way. When she completed 1 month I had a bad gastro infection and was violently sick. We managed to celebrate her 2nd month due to the generosity of a dear friend who brought over a cake she had baked for own son's birthday! When she turned 3 months, some friends from Dubai were in town and we had to take them out. Lousy excuses I know. So, I thought this unfairness couldn't go on longer. So I planned her 4th month birthday well in advance. We baked her a beautiful cake with pink icing and her name written in beautiful cursive writing.
We got some lovely pics of the two girls which DD and I will always cherish :).
Happy 4th month Wiggles!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Didi helps out with the yucky stuff

S has always been insistent that she wouldn't change wiggles diaper. But this evening she surprised me by wanting to help even though it was a poo diaper! Good job S!