Monday, March 26, 2012

My best friend

Wiggles' first essay

I love my thumb. I can suck it all day long. My mom tries to take it out of my mouth but I am a stubborn little thing. I put it right back where it belongs. What my mom needs to understand is that I love my thumb SO much. I mean it's the only thing right now that I have access to all the time and I can play with it the whole day. It tastes pretty yummy too...mmmm.

I love my thumb. It's my best friend :).

The end.

Four square

No, nothing to do with the geo-social site. Rather everything to do with the 2 stars of this blog. Squiggles is 4 years old for a few months longer and Wiggles just turned 4 months old a couple of days ago.
We were always very diligent about celebrating squiggles monthly birthdays. But with wiggles somehow things got in the way. When she completed 1 month I had a bad gastro infection and was violently sick. We managed to celebrate her 2nd month due to the generosity of a dear friend who brought over a cake she had baked for own son's birthday! When she turned 3 months, some friends from Dubai were in town and we had to take them out. Lousy excuses I know. So, I thought this unfairness couldn't go on longer. So I planned her 4th month birthday well in advance. We baked her a beautiful cake with pink icing and her name written in beautiful cursive writing.
We got some lovely pics of the two girls which DD and I will always cherish :).
Happy 4th month Wiggles!