Monday, November 21, 2011

A sweet gesture

Squiggles did something really sweet this morning which made my heart go all mush. We have a rocking chair but no foot stool and she often sees me pulling up the chair closer to the bed so I can rest my feet.

Yesterday DD bought a small footstool for the study and as with everything new, S got a new toy to play with. This morning I saw her dragging it out of the study. I was about to admonish her for moving it when I thought of asking her what her plan is.

To which she replied that she was placing it in front of the rocking chair so that I could rest my feet comfortably :). That was the sweetest thought ever and she got a star for that!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Message to baby

It's 2 days after my due date and you are still not here. In fact, there are few signs that you are going to come out voluntarily! And this leaves me feeling angry. Yes, I am angry and frustrated and tired of waiting and a whole lot more :(.

Everything is ready and waiting for you. And I don't just mean your clothes and diapers and stuff. Even I am ready. Waxing - check; threading - check; Mani-pedi - check. I had my hair cut a month ago in anticipation of not having time for it when you're here. That was a month ago. In fact, this is my 2nd round of waxing, threading, nails etc. I sorted out stuff at work and went on leave. All for you! But instead I'm waiting.

I've also eaten all the things I wanted to eat before you were born. Can't really afford to do round 2 of that, given how much weight I have put on already! Actually, I'm on round 3 of the butter cake and round 2 of the tiramisu! Come fast otherwise the 10% of people that can still recognize me will also lose the plot.

This waiting has also made me irritable. I'm snapping at Squiggles and DD and Grandma and Aunty Marita. No one is spared. Sigh. No one likes me very much right now.

Puneet Mamu came up with some ridiculous trip plan which means he is in Singapore only for 1 day. That's in exactly 3 days. If you're not here by then, you won't get to see him! Or rather, more importantly he won't get to see you. What a shame that would be :(.

So you see how important it is to turn up on time??? I know it's cosy in there but really!!

Well if you're going to be stubborn I shall have to employ harsher tactics and threaten you!

Do you know what happens to babies who trouble their mommies even before they are born. You might just find out!

1. I will ask squiggles to change your diapers and given that she finds the thought abhorrent, it means that you will be stuck in soiled diapers all day!

2. I won't buy you any new toys. You will have to settle for only hand me downs. Huh!

3. I will love Squiggles more. Aha! That hurt, didn't it? Well are you going to move your tush now???

Ok, if you want more.

4. I will keep kissing your kissable cheeks till you cry. Hah.

Oh forget about all of this. Come out now, will you?