Saturday, April 18, 2009

My singing days are over

Really. They are. I remember Moppet's Mom wrote a post long back about how Moppet wouldn't fall asleep one day and she realised that the moment she stopped singing, little Moppet was snoozing away to dreamland (now I'm too lazy to find that post and link up to it, sorry).

In my case, it was something similar but not as subtle. If I remember correctly, Moppet's Mom deduced that it was the singing that was preventing the baby from falling alseep. In Squiggle land, it was a bit more clearer. It was VERY clear actually.

I mean how can you mis-interpret 'No singing'. That's really clear isn't it. When your 22 month old says loudly at bed time 'No singing', and she says it right when you start singing, then I guess even the dumbest of moms would get it. The 'No singing' was meant for me!!!

Again I'm too lazy to link up, but in the early days, I had done a post raving about benefits of being a mom, one of which was the privilege of being able to sing without anyone asking me to shut up. Guess that was short lived! It only took 22 months :).


Tagged by Leaving1302 and forced to shake off my inertia and come out of hibernation :). I am to share five things I love about being a mom. Ah, this should be easy..........

1. I love being a mom because I have my own little doll to play with. She provides me with full time entertainment. There is never a dull moment in the house. I look forward to coming home after work each evening and being surprised by something I could never have imagined.

2. Being a mom has taught me to appreciate the smaller things in life. I have re-discovered the joy of spotting the moon and exclaiming over it; looking for a red bus on the road and marvelling at its size; pretending to heal a hurt with a kiss.... I look at the same things but through someone else's eyes.... innocent eyes, and the world looks all different now.

3. I love being a mom because all it takes to lift me out of a crappy mood is the sound of laughter and the sunny smile that dawns on my angel's (or devil, depending on the day) face. I could be infuriated and it can all melt away, just like that.

4. I love being a mom because I get so many hugs and kisses and I mean the world to someone. It's such a great feeling when S runs across the length of the room and hugs me or decides that one kiss isn't enough and showers me with many.

5. And the best part about being a mom is that someone doesn't mind snuggling against you all night and is willing to be crushed :). There's a strong reference to someone else here!