Monday, July 2, 2007

Baby is Here!

My favourite memory from the first few days of squiggles life was when she was brought from the nursery to my room for feeding.

In the middle of the night, as I just managed to nod off I would sense a presence. The door would open and a shaft of light would appear and the nurses voice would say ‘Hi Mummy, baby is here’. And with a loud wail my baby would announce her arrival as the nurse wheeled her in from the nursery. Sigh. And this one time 12-hours-at-a-go sleeper would rise up and smile at this red, wailing THING and wonder at how adorable she was. It was so precious to hear her cries (to my defence it was still a novelty!) and to know that she was mine and she was with me.

Maybe it’s because she’s helpless and you know only you can help her, maybe it’s just that she’s yours and those moments cannot be shared with anyone. I don’t know. But these early night time feedings are my most cherished memories from squiggles early days.

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