Monday, July 2, 2007

Fair is Beautiful

I think it’s high time that we Indians get rid of our obsession with the colour of skin. It’s been 60 odd years and yet we determine someone’s attractiveness by the shade of their skin.

I’ve always been called pretty or beautiful by family and friends but never found anything in the mirror to justify that claim except for a skin shade much lighter than average. If you’re fair you’re beautiful. Simple.. duh.

When DD and I got married, I got numerous comments about his family and his skin colour and how they were lucky to have a daughter-in-law who was so fair. Needless to say when I was pregnant, I was told of numerous silly things I could do to ensure my child would inherit my fair skin rather than that of his father’s family. I really don’t know what my husband’s family thought about it – were they secretly praying that our daughter should inherit my skin colour?

Since squiggles birth, everyone who called to congratulate us would ask us who she had taken after. And on clarifying that she was "fair", the congratulations would become even more effusive :)). Clearly it was preferable for her to be white even at the cost of her big nose. Now I think she would be happier if she had a smaller nose and a darker skin colour. In any case, she’s going to get tanned if she spends anytime outdoors. So, what’s the fuss about.

To me she’s the most precious thing in the world, absolutely adorable and the most beautiful baby in the world. And I love her to bits. So people get over it.

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