Saturday, July 7, 2007

The clash of the titans

Sigh.... I'm caught between logic and tradition, between male and female, between DD and my mom. DD feels left out because he thinks my mom doesn't let him be with Squiggles as much and my mom wants to do more for us and hence tries to do more for Squiggles.

DD is also the male, works 12 hour days and therefore shouldn't have to change diapers or soothe her when she cries but DD wants to do all of this but who can explain this to my mom?

My mom wants to follow traditional methods with Squiggles whilst DD is trying to find a rationale for everything she does. As a result both are frustrated. This also led to a premature paediatraician's visit who confirmed that everything mom was doing is fine. But DD has found other things he doesn't like while I think he needs to see the ped himself to get peace of mind.

And guess who's in the middle of all this?

As I finish this post, I can see DD giving Squiggles her bath and my mom is NOT hovering. Is there finally going to be peace in Squigglesland?

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