Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hi Ma

I know you were going through all kinds of funny emotions yesterday - a little dizzy and excited to be going out to a grown up dinner (you're a bit sad you know to get all that kicked about it, but that's me personally), but very worried, guilty, and tense on leaving me behind.

You were looking really pretty ma. It's the first time I've seen you with make up. Are you sure you needed it when you look lovely to me otherwise? I knew it meant a lot to you so I tried to sleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon so you could shop for a dress. I really liked the lovely lime green trousers and the smoky top you got with it and I'm proud you got it at 70% off since you weren't keen on buying something that you wouldn't be able to wear for that long.

You were a little naughty too Ma because you decided to get your hair done while you were out as well and since I didn't know that was the plan I got up and was hungry but you weren't around. I started crying but thankfully you didn't keep me waiting too long. Can we discuss these impetuous things a bit before we act on them, huh? It would make my life much easier. Oh BTW, the hair looked really nice too. You should get it done more often. Ok, forget I said that. I don't want you leaving me again and again just to have your hair done. Once was more than enough, thank you very much.

The amazing child that I am I slept again before you had to leave so you had ample time to get ready. Aren't I really a sweet little child? Please remember this Ma for the next time I'm just a tad little naughty!

It was nice to be at grandma's house last evening since we haven't been there all week. Even though she wasn't there I was looking forward to being under Grandpa's supervision to see how he would cope with me all by himself (ok, he did have 2 maids to help him out). Well, just so you know Aunty Y put me to sleep just as you were leaving and the next thing I know is I'm awake and there you were right before me. Didn't you go out Ma after all because you were there when I went to sleep and you were there when I woke up. I'm sorry Ma.

I love you loads and loads. Please say you're not angry.


Ma's reply

My sweet sweet Angel,

You have no need to apologise sweetheart because you were a perfect angel last night. Daddy and I went out for dinner and returned 4 hours later to find you had slept through it all. Of course I kept calling Grandpa to see how you were doing and couldn't believe it that you were such a thoughtful child to keep sleeping till we had dinner. In fact, I even managed dessert which you know I would have hated to miss. It was a gorgeous creme catalan with walnut ice cream. Now I know I should have more control but I figured I should make hay while the sun shines.

Thank you honey for a stress fee dinner. I had loads of fun. And no, I will remember this forever :) especially when you are naughty!


~nm said...

:D Very sweet!!

Just Like That said...

:-) how sweet!

Suki said...

You guys are cho vewy kyute.

Timepass said...

Squiggles, what a post!!!

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Kodi's Mom said...

aww, how sweet! she IS an angel! I think she just gave you permission to go out more! :)

Swati said...

What a sweet post and what an Angel ! Beautiful !

mnamma said...

Such a nice post Squiggle's Mom! Squiggle is such a sweet baby for sleeping through your dinner :) cute cute!

Swati said...

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