Monday, September 24, 2007

Quirky is Normal

I really don't know where to start. Since ddmom (rbdans) tagged me a few days ago, I've been racking my brains to list 5 quirks for your amusement. There aren't many that jump to mind. I came up with a couple and then drew a blank. I knew that I was obsessing about it when I dreamt about attempting and miserably failing this tag! That's when I decided that I really had to get it out there in blogoland and soon.

I concluded that the reason I was struggling was that maybe I just had a different perspective. Maybe what I consider normal is not normal. After all normal is something that the majority approve or recognise. Hence, I shall just list my 'normal' traits which will hopefully pass the quirky test and leave it to you to decide whether you want to join the 'Quirky is Normal' bandwagon.

1. I simply love food. This is not your average 'I live for food' sentiment. It is my favourite topic and I can talk about it all day. I love knowing what I'm going to be having for breakfast, lunch or dinner and then I spend the rest of the day in eager anticipation. I have loads of cookbooks which I buy for the pure reading pleasure and mouth watering pictures. I love going to supermarkets and this is where invariably DD and I always have an argument. I love strolling through the aisles, looking at all the different things on the shelves even if I have no intention of buying them. The one thing guaranteed to cast a blight over my day is bad food. It really gets to me. In fact I am so in love with food that one of the conditions that I placed before DD before I agreed to marry him was that he would never TRY to convert me to vegetarianism. He had to accept my non-veg habits like a devotee accepts the existence of God. It was fortunate for him that he agreed otherwise I am not lying when I say that I would not have married him. Honestly I am not exaggerating.

2. I wash my hands a zillion times each day. If I accidentally touch the elastic bands of my knickers, an ant, the floor, the handle of the flush - anything can trigger a hand washing session. I have dettol hand soap in the house even for my maid because above all I want her hands to be clean since she cleans everything in the house. When I look at a tap I wonder about which dirty hands touched it and whether it's actually clean. If I weren't so lazy I would be spraying dettol over all surfaces all the time. If I think my hands are dirty then I will keep thinking about it till I can wash my hands especially when I'm travelling. The first thing I bought for Squiggles's diaper bag was a Dettol hand sanitiser!

3. I have loads of conversations with myself, about everything. E.g. If I'm going to meet someone then I will have 'n' conversations in my head with this person before we meet up, some will extend into scenarios several years into the future. If some stranger annoys me then I will play out endless scenarios in my mind about how I could have tackled it better, what I could have said etc. for several hours afterwards. It could be something as trivial as the fact that their dress was ugly.

4. I can tell if something is missing in the house especially food. This comes from having lived with my grandma who was an expert at catching thieves. So, if DD has had more than his share of biscuits then I know. If something has been moved from it's place I know. You touch anything in my house and I will know. The most important thing here is that I THINK I KNOW, it's not necessarily true that I DO KNOW. So, sometimes DD will be interrogated for an act which he has not done but which I KNOW he has committed. It doesn't help that he laughs when I ask him such silly questions, it only strenghtens my INTUITION!

5. Until recently I could not leave a book unfinished however bad it was. As a result, I have read some really terrible books. This even extended to my text books. While other students would smartly read the important sections, I would always read the entire text book in case I missed out on something important. Even if I was brave and left a chapter, it would constantly haunt me so I would always give in. Even now while I exert enormous self control to stop myself from reading unimportant stuff, I sometimes give in.

Phew... that wasn't too bad, was it?


Just Like That said...

not too bad at all. Run and wash your hands like a good girl, now. :-D

Poppins said...

That was very very good !

Squiggles Mom said...

JLT - I don't need any encouragement :).

Poppins - Phew.. though I'm a bit unsure whether you meant good as in not that embarrasing or good as in that was very embarrasing. I hope it's the former.

Suki said...

Hee hee. Quirky thou art, quirky thou shalt proudly be. :)

Kodi's Mom said...

4 is so hilarious! if I am ever a guest in your house, I promise never to sneak food without your scrutiny!

not bad at all. and you're hereby pronounced quirky :)

Casemat said...

Ditto on top 3 !! U are not very quirky...or maybe we both are :-)

You remember the mutton samosas? or the sizzlers at upper crust :-D

Squiggles Mom said...

Casemat - Of course I remember famous samosas and also the kebabs :). DD used to go his bike with chotti and get me some while I was preparing for placements!

Kodi's Mom - U're more than welcome!!

Suki - Thanks *deep bow*

choxbox said...

#3 - you mustve got loads of points for CP :)

#5 - hmm no wonder you went where you did!

rbdans said...

You are sure quirky. Same here on the 3rd one. And I have successfully passed it on to D :)