Monday, September 10, 2007

Moppet comes to visit

Did you ever have a favourite story book when you were a child? Was there a favourite character, one that you wished you could meet? Meeting Moppet was a bit like that :).

I hadn't met Moppet's Ma and Pa for over 6 years and really only knew as much about Moppet as anybody else in blogland. So, I was pretty excited when Moppet's Ma emailed to say she was planning on tagging along on Moppet's Pa's work trip. Several emails later and it was agreed that they would stay with us.

It took Moppet a day to get used to a new place and the many new places. Squiggles was of little interest.. too small a creature with no abilities to walk, talk or do anything which she termed as interesting. I have a feeling Squiggles didn't mind too much.

I tried to bribe Moppet's Pa to attempt another Baani episode but since his wife had obligingly left Baani at home, it was a tad difficult! Mighty upset I was I tell you.

Since I relegated the role of cameraperson to Moppet's Mom, read more about the action packed weekend here.


timepass said...

Read abt Moppet's trip in her mom's blog. LOL on asking for a retake of the Baani episode.. would have loved to hear abt it again in case it happened!!!

~nm said...

Ahh..retakes with kids rarely know na..they are the stars in their own ways. ONLY when THEY want to do it, it will happen :D

Aquiggles looked so cute in the pic on moppet's post in her car seat!

Moppet's Mom said...

Well, thank you (not!) for showing Moppet the stick and lick method of eating anything goey. This morning she refused to eat her cheese cubes any other way! Messy does not begin to describe it....

Just Like That said...

Having your pants lugged off by a lunging young lady once in a lifetime is enough, I should think! Poor Baani!

Squiggles Mom said...

timepass - it would have been hilarious na?

nm - Yes, that's my favourite pic too. She looks positively angelic. You wouldn't guess the reality.

Moppet's Mom - Oh dear, that doesn't sound promising. Saaaarrry.

JLT - LOL. I loved the way you phrased it.

Kodi's Mom said...

I am so J. that you got to meet Mischief Moppet. (and that I didn't)
read about all the fun, and Squiggles' pic is priceless.

Squiggles Mom said...

kodi's mom - well you can join the fun anytime.. we're just a flight away all of us :)