Monday, September 10, 2007

First Quarter Results

Squiggles turned 3 months old on Saturday. Delays in first quarter reporting can be attributed to this.

We can report a fantastic result. Success was achieved both by parent and child. Parent managed to get child out of body and keep it alive for an amazing 3 months. No physical harm meted out to child by said parent... as yet. Sorely tempted but amazingly restrained. Child has successfully developed an 'attitude'. Said 'attitude' is making life interesting in this household.. so interesting in fact that the parent has no concept of time, days or life. But more than anything else, the parent seems to have developed a soft spot for the child.. so soft that you could sink in it pretty quickly. It's taken 3 months for the parent to realise that the child is the best thing that could have happened to her. No one claimed that she was quick.

We can proudly claim that Squiggles smiles a lot.

However, we have had some difficulty in getting her to appreciate mortals other than her mom. She is definitely smitten. If her favourite person isn't around, a calm situation can rapidly develop into something a little difficult for the management to control. However, we have found a solution to this problem - she is promptly deposited in her mummy's arm where she quietens down as soon as she started up. This has proved an effective remedy. Although we have had a few complaints from the mom, we are so far choosing to ignore them.

We have also noted that if the favourite person is in the room, Squiggles follows her around with her eyes, gazing with undying devotion. Mummy is reportedly very pleased about this as she claims she has not felt so cherished even by DD :). She's very pleased to be the centre of someone's world! She responds by smothering Squiggles with kisses forcing us to intervene to prevent long term physical damage to her cheeks.

There have been a number of developments recently in line with our expectations. She lifts her head, trying to look to her left and right, determined not to miss out on any action.

She has also managed to roll over from her tummy to lie on her back. Unfortunately the event was not recorded on camera but we have received confirmation from several reliable sources. She has achieved this feat twice but seems to be struggling with retaining the technique and has frequently been observed trying hard to repeat the feat.

Squiggles can also learnt to sleep on her own. Our strategy has been to place her in her crib when she displays signs of sleepiness (yawning, what else?) After a few protests and a lot of head tossing, she does settle down and mummy has been observed peeking frequently to ensure her darling is asleep.

We are particularly proud of her scholarly pursuits of which we do have proof.

And we're pleased that our investment in her chair which at one time seemed to be a dud is finally reaping dividends.

Our charge has displayed signs of turning into a chatterbox just like her mum. We have received a few complaints from some animals residing at the residence that she is chattering nineteen to the dozen without giving them a chance to respond. We are confident of allaying their concerns somehow.

The picture of the month is of Squiggles in her car seat. Suprisingly because since the day she was born she has hated this monstrosity from the depths of her little heart. Each venture has been vehemently protested. But this time round a long drive on the way to Sentosa found favour and Moppet's Mom has captured her in a beautiful moment. Touch wood.

That's all from us for now.


Moppet's Mom said...

Excellent results! Although there is the slight issue of concentration of risk in the person of Mummy. Some diversification to DD is certainly called for.

~nm said...

Overall management is performing well however delegation of work and handling of issues needs to be given over to Dear Daddy also to learn and act :D

Just Like That said...

Sigh! Guess all parenting organisations suffer from it.. employees who just will NOT learn to be proactive and will only react to situations, and that too, on demand. When will they learn?

Squiggles looks absolutely sweet in that last pic!

The Management said...

Moppet's Mom, nm - Your feedback has been kindly noted. As with most corporates this too shall go unnoticed *tongue in cheek*.
psst - DD is the majority shareholder unfortunately!

JLT - That is our concern as well. However, we are more interested in other things like eating cake.

Kodi's Mom said...

hilarious post!!!! well-written! scholarly Squiggles indeed! :)

Squiggles can also learnt to sleep on her own...
WHA....?? it took me 23m to make that claim of my son. for that sole reason, management deserves an Excellence Award.

A Muser said...

I second Kodi's Mom on the Excellence Award for sleeping on own. That was a lesson that took me 6 months of crying (my own) to figure out. I must say Squiggles' Mom is quicker than moi.

The Management said...

kodi's mom, a muser - Both of your comments on sleeping on her own made me realise that maybe we wasn't clear enough. She is put down to sleep in the crib while she is still awake and then after a lotof tossing and turning goes to sleep. Is that what you understood? It wouldn't be the first time that the management got stuff wrong!

choxbox said...

pull her utterly edible cheeks for me please.

Kodi's Mom said...

Management - your first message was loud and clear. tossing, turning - are all acceptable intermediary steps - but she does sleep without Management's intervention right? hence, pass. pls accept the award and a tag for
Silly Squiggly names.

The Management said...

Choxbox - The mommy needs no encouragement. She keeps smothering the poor child with kisses and sometimes pulls them (ever so gently) too.

Kodi's mom - We are honored to accept the award *deep bow*.

I shall forward your tag to the offending parent and ensure it's complied with.

ddmom(rbdans) said...

Management - congrats and three cheers one for each successful month. What an achievement to have her sleep by herself. Agreed she tosses and turns, still pretty good for her age. She has a beautiful smile. And absolutely adorable in the last pic.

On a different note, squiggles been tagged on quirks.

The Management said...

rbdans - Thank you for your sweet words *bows deeply*

To celebrate the many accolades we invite you to join us in a champagne toast. Please raise your glasses *clink* and sip *slurp* the fine champagne delicately *slurp slurp*