Monday, September 24, 2007

For her Maasi Poo... some more pics

In her apple green outfit

Looking like a right little qaidi in her prisoner's blue stripey outfit (credit DD)


masi poo said...

hahaha, thank you oh-so-very-much.... i would much rather see her on skype... something like that.. i love the green attire :) see, her eyes remind me of you when you were a baby ( we have that pic.. too cute)

Suki said...

so very cute! The bad infection seems to have left a few traces, but she definitely looks like she's on the mend and how! :D

Kisses to the chubby cheeks from me! :D

Squiggles Mom said...

Masi Poo - You are so hard to please and I will not try. YOu ungrateful doc-to-be. Skype is too much effort but will try to be logged on once in a while.

Suki - Sorry can't pass on the kisses, doc's orders. You can't imagine how much control I have to exert over myself... sigh.. a few more days.

choxbox said...

cute and cute!