Thursday, September 20, 2007

We're getting there, DD is such a child and Squiggles sees green

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for all your sweet messages *shy smile*. We're over the worst *fingers crossed* though by no means through yet. The good news is we've avoided the antibiotics *jumps up and down*. Squiggles is still a regular on the nebuliser and we're going back to see the doc on Monday by which time she should be ready to be taken off it. The clinic just called to confirm that she did have a respiratory virus which is why she was so unwell but we don't need to change the treatment. And I'm soldiering on with my cold but that's the least of my concerns though it would be nice to be over with.

Every tough situation has its hilarious moments and I'm going to leave you with this to smile exasperatedly over.

DD has been such a child (no, he hasn't got the man cold...yet). His latest 'fun' thing is to try to make Squiggles see green and so far she has unashamedly obliged. I didn't realise that she had it in her at only 3 months but there you go. This first happened a few days ago and has been DD's favourite 'thing to do' since.

As I held Squiggles in my arms to inhale the vapours from the nebuliser DD came along and sat beside me. He looked at Squiggles fondly, staring deep into her eyes. She stared right back. While she was deeply immersed in this manly vision, all of a sudden DD turned and started kissing me. Enthusiastically. Before I could wonder at what had inspired such ardor he turned back to look at Squiggles intently. She looked a bit confused at first but then her tiny face crumpled and her eyes filled with reproachful tears. Her lower lip jutted out (boy can she pout) and she let out a long drawn out wail. As expected instead of sympathising with her DD sat back and roared with laughter.

Terribly excited that she was showing signs of jealousy he did it again. And again. And again. Loads of kisses. Stop. Reproachful wails. Stop. Kisses again and on and on till I smacked his bum and told him to stop being such a meanie. Since then every evening our home echoes with sounds of evil laughter alternating with what can only be described as tantrum cries.

Lest you think otherwise I'm not complaining *winks*.


~nm said...


I was laughing out so loud reading the incident and I was glad I was alone! Else someone would have literally called the local 'paagal-khana' to get me admitted!

Swati said...

HAhahhah...thats so funny and so sweeet :)

Good to know she is better :)

Just Like That said...

Ahhh! The lenghts we go to to make our kids jealous! not that we would have thought of it otherwise..only to make them jealous.;-)

Suki said...

Glad she's better! (And so am I.. somewhat ;) )

Nice trick you and DD have come up with, must say! :D :D :D

Kodi's Mom said...

geez! your DD is such a meanie! and glad to see that Squiggles is better enough to be jealous!
and somebody is definitely enjoying this love triangle. ;)

Squiggles Mom said...

nm - hope you're alright now :)

suki - I deserve no credit. This was totally DD's invention.

K's mom - You bet! I never had it that easy before LOL

Moppet's Mom said...

You better enjoy it while it lasts! Just a couple of more months and DD will probably get his eyes scratched out by his loving daughter! :-D

choxbox said...
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choxbox said...


btw just read your new 'about me'. yup we get posher by the day.

masi poo said...

hahahahahaha.... he better wait until she's old enough to tickle him... then we know the roles will be reveresed... evil laughter...squiggly poo and wails... by j poo... hahaha

huh-larious.. !

i miss her, more pics please ;)

Timepass said...

HAHAHAHAA thats all I can say now

Poppins said...

Oh poor Squiggles, she's sick and her dad's making her jealous ! :) Well obviously you're not complaining ;)