Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Two months on

Hi Squiggles,
Happy second month birthday!

You're sleeping peacefully at the moment in your crib and I'm snatching these rare peaceful moments to write to you because at the moment you understand little of what I say but I want you to know many years from now how I feel today.

I'm surprised that the last two months have gone by so fast. As the days run away I'm longing for them to slow down. Because I know these will be the most precious moments of all those to come. This is when you need me the most and I have your undivided attention and I want to keep it that way for as long as possible :).

But I'm enjoying you so much these days. Every morning when you wake up, we have a nice long chat. You give me these wide silly smiles which I love. I just wish I could capture it on camera for posterity.

DD and I realised sometime last week that you were responding to your environment and were more active than before. That's when we decided you needed some toys. Your first toy (actually we ended up buying two) were these. You love looking up at the revolving toy and this morning I was pointing out the cute monkey, bird and frog to you. You seemed to be listening carefully (though I don't know whether that was due to a lack of choice).

We've started playing games now - you and me. I tell you to lift your hands and the silly girl that you are, you indulge me and sometimes manage to lift one hand while I can see you struggling to lift the other one. It makes me so proud to see you try and I want to smother you in kisses and hugs. But somehow you live up to your name and keep squiggling when that happens.

DD has been a bit ambitious with you and has been trying to get you to play the piano. Here's how um.. ridiculous the two of you look though I'm supposed to look encouraging at all times.

Last night you indulged your nutty mum a bit more. I asked you to make an ah sound and you obliged. DD and I went a bit silly after that and kept trying with ooh, eh and other sounds. You humoured us for a while and then promptly started wailing once it got too much and you wanted to sleep. I wonder whether you think you've landed in an asylum accidentally.

You still hate your car seat a lot... you only manage to sit in it when I trick you by putting you to sleep first. More often than not you start wailing and grandma has to take you out of it and soothe you. You're stressing her out, you know, with all this banshee like wailing. Yesterday, in the Carrefour carpark, you were crying so violently that afterwards she felt drained and had to go and do some relaxation exercises the next morning. So, it's not all angelic in your world. Some little devil keeps peeking out every now and again :).

I think it's also amazing the number of varied places I have actually had to feed you. For some reason you enjoy eating outdoors. As soon as we leave home and reach the mall you decide that you would much prefer to feed. Maybe it's the effect of this food loving nation, but you let me know in no uncertain terms that you would prefer to feed then and there. No amount of cajoling works. I have fed you several times in the car, in several baby rooms in many malls, in restaurants and a couple of days ago in the changing room of a store where I was trying some clothes on. Thankfully I had already decided to buy a few things otherwise they would have surely evicted us from the changing room which we managed to occupy for close to half an hour. Your other favourite place to feed is at the doctors'. Every visit we are seen in the clinic's feeding room before and after the consultation with the doc. The doc and staff look at me questioningly wondering why I haven't bothered to feed you before we left home. I just smile and look apologetic. But never you worry, I will seek recompense for all this ridiculous behaviour that you're subjecting me to. E.g. I will not allow you to have sleep overs, or get your favourite toy or eat cake and chocolate... huh. Trust me little one the feeling of power and control is making me giddy!!!

I'm happy that you sleep in your crib now (which I went to great pains to decorate) and didn't give me any trouble with the transition from our bed to yours. I think maybe it has to do with the fact that like your Maama (uncle) you need space to stretch out. I put you down to sleep and for whatever reason you keep turning your head from right to left and back trying to get comfy. I find it a bit funny as you keep tossing your head because it seems like such an effort. When morning comes I find you have moved further up in the crib, leaving behind your blanket and have somehow managed to position yourself such that you are lying almost sideways.

You love your changing station too. Whenever we put you on there to change your diaper you seem mighty pleased and keep kicking which makes the job on hand that much more interesting.

I've been telling DD that he should make sure your legs don't point towards the wall. He underestimates your ability to spray so far away. As you will learn when you grow up, men don't listen. I guess he needs to find out for himself and maybe the lesson will be learnt when he has to clean the wall himself.

I still haven't managed to buy you a girly outfit but I think we should manage to get one today. We have to make this day special for you after all. Maybe we will get grandma to make you (actually me) something yummy to eat (you will get it indirectly don't worry).

This is my favourite pic of the month. DD took it and your Atthai thinks you're emulating the Rajesh Khanna style.

Have a lovely day sweetheart!

Hugs n kisses,



~nm said...

An awesome letter! You are going to make your daughter cry when she reads this..she is going to cry looking at the amount of love and affection this letter is pouring out.

Simply beautiful.

shubhangi said...

I can't believe you sent this to me now! I had to read every post, you know what it's like when you have to read every post and pretend that you're working? Anyways, enjoying all the posts. Give love to squiggles :)

Moppet's Mom said...

That photo of Squiggles and dad is the cutest! Looks like she's already holding her head quite steady...

Happy 2 months, kiddo! :-)

Squiggles Mom said...

nm - Let's hope she even appreciates one-tenth of what we do as parents!!

shubz - don't worry.. it's still not widely known :)

moppet's mom - he's quite creative with ways to entertain her and then promptly hands her over when she starts wailing with the excuse that she needs milk!

Mystic Margarita said...

Awwwww.....your beautiful letter brought back all the memories of the days when Popol was two monnths old. Time flies, really! The pics are awesome - Squiggles is simply adorable.

Squiggles Mom said...

mystic margarita - thank you so much. nothing like flattery to a new mom :)