Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I happened to visit Toys 'r' Us a couple of days after reading this post by Moppet's Mom and realised that what she was saying was absolutely true. Buying toys for kids is extremely addictive. DD and I went to buy Squiggles a play gym and ended up buying the most expensive one around. There were loads of other cheap ones but we didn't like them. Not that there was anything wrong with any of them. And it's not as if Squiggles can appreciate the more expensive one better. It also wasn't about always buying the best for your child. We were indulging ourselves.

When I was a kid toys weren't so cool. It was usually relatives from abroad who would bring us toys which were special treats. Hence, these two deprived (!) adults went a bit nutty in the store. And you should have seen the two of us back home - I was holding Squiggles who was throwing a tantrum and was a little hyper that DD wasn't opening the gym fast enough. In fact I can remember scolding him for not opening the gym as soon as we got home :).

It's quite lovely actually, a gorgeous rainforest theme. She has a monkey with a multi coloured tail, a squawking parrot, gorgeous leaves, pretty butterflies and loads of other interesting stuff (at least we think so).

We also ended up buying this musical toy (can't remember the name) for her cradle which she absolutely loves.

She spends 15-20 mins staring at it (I know she's sleeping in the picture but when else can I actually write a post!), gurgling all the while. The other side benefit is that I get 15-20 mins to get some chores done.

And no we managed not to buy anything else but I'm not sure it will last.

And apparently DD claims he has even tried to put his head inside the gym to see the gym from Squiggles perspective. Men!


~nm said...

How nothing seems expensive enough to us parents when it comes to things for our children. And these kidie companies surely take complete advantage of it! Right?

:D Splurge while you can!

Moppet's Mom said...

Ooh, that's so cute! She looks happy in her jungle gym!

I go stark raving mad at Toys r us - but you know that already...I'm always the one dying to try out the new stuff we buy - Moppet gets to play with it only after I'm done! :-)

Squiggles Mom said...

nm - This is our contribution to the fat paychecks of corporate CEOs :)

Moppet's Mom - I love opening all the boxes :). It's so much fun.

Malavika said...

Nice! We have the same "rainforest" mobile and he's fascinated by it. I have to say the rainforest sounds are quite effective at putting me to sleep, even if it doesn't always work that way on the baby :-)
Mailing you..

Squiggles Mom said...

Mala - we're all having more fun with the toys than the kids themselves. i'm sure in some mktg lecture we had fundas on who toy co.s should target. send me pics of dhruv.