Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sleep Jinx

It's a familiar ritual every morning. I hear a little groan, a sigh or anything which might indicate Squiggles is planning to wake up and I immediately go into sleep defence mode. Instantly alert at the possibility of having to wake up I quickly stretch my hand across to Squiggles and pat her vigorously. This sometimes works for 5 mins and maybe up to half an hour depending on how desperate I am (the more desperate I am, the more vigorous the patting and the sooner Squiggles wakes up). Today was just another morning when I heard a whimper. I jumped up and quickly patted her. Somewhere in between I slowly slipped back into sleep and pulled my hand back. The next thing I know there is a wail but when I look at the clock it's 9.30 in the morning. I check again, surely I have got it wrong. It can't possibly be that late. My patting usually gets me an extra 15 mins on average and hear it seems like I got an extra 3 hours. Unbelievable and perfectly true. I'm so proud of my daughter. It seemed she did have some of my genes.

Perfectly in charity with each other we did our usual stuff... milk, some games and then time for her mid-day nap. There was just one problem - Squiggles didn't or couldn't sleep. She snoozed for a bit but then woke up. As the day wore on it became increasingly clear that this brat was going to wail her way through the day and she was not planning on sleeping for more than 10 mins at a time.

Crankiness is thy name Squiggles. After a pretty hassled day she has finally now gone to bed with her mama crossing her fingers that this time it will last and hopefully till the morning.

I may have woken up refreshed but certainly feel far from it at the end of the day. And really need a drink. I haven't had one for the last 10 months..........slurp.


~nm said...

You should be glad you are not saying "Sleep? What sleep?" Hehehehe..

On the serious note, yes I cna totally understand your plight. With me it was such a mess. Anirudh never slept for more than 45 mins to an hour at a stretch during daytime. And I would crib. And then one of those rare days when he would I would worry and keep checking on him every 30 mins to see if he's doing fine because sleeping for suhc long hours was not like him at all :D

This way or that way, we Mom's worry :D

Just Like That said...

Sleeping in in the morning is SUCH a pleasure. forgotten pleasure for the Mom of a 3 year old.

masi poo said...

I am so very proud of squiggles. To think she is getting away with waking YOU up without having to face a grouchy person at like 5 in the morning is just...heaven-sent. I love her. Give her two kisses from her masi poo please.

Mystic Margarita said...

Good that you got an extra three hours' of sleep! Don't worry - things will get better slowly. This from a mom who can barely keep her eyes open in the mornings!

Squiggles Mom said...

nm - I know I should count my blessings while things are going well :).

JLT - do you mean it gets worse? help............

masi poo - hi honey. welcome. i know you will always side with squiggles. she sends you a wet sloppy kiss.

mystic margarita - you give me hope. now i'm off to my first margarita in months (not joking, DD makes fantastic ones and we have company tonight)... ta da