Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Nightingale

I absolutely love singing. In fact I am so passionate about singing that I can't find words to express myself. The tragedy of my life is that I can't sing. I am physically incapable of carrying a note. Every time I open my mouth to bellow some of my favourite numbers I get numerous complaints and requests from my family to SHUT UP. They have realised over time that there's no point in dilly dallying and trying to bear with it. It never gets better :(. Hence, I often indulge myself by singing while walking on an empty road or when I'm in my room alone.

A lifetime ago DD and I had a fight... on the lack of my singing abilities. This is what happened...

On this particular day I had the strongest urge to sing.... and I had to sing as well as I could, stretching my throat to it's maximum. So I took my Ipod with me to my bedroom, wore the headset, lay on my bed and started singing. Loudly. Since I am a perfectionist I tried to match the sur, taal and laya as best as possible and I did this by giving myself free reign. Rehman songs, old Rafi ballads.. all were being sung with great gusto.

DD was in the living room watching TV as usual. After 10 mins he comes and closes the bedroom door. I couldn't care less. I was too engrossed in the joy of my life, imagining that I was the next find of Sa Re Ga Ma. Another 10 mins go by and something hits my head. I turn around to find DD staring at me angrily.

Me: Why on earth did you throw this at me?
DD: I can hear you all the way in the living room and it's terrible.
Me: So? Just close the damn doors.
DD: I already did. But I can still hear you.
Me: That's no reason to throw things at me. What's wrong with you?
DD: You just wouldn't listen. I shouted at you from the living room to shut up but you couldn't hear me above the din. I opened the bedroom door and shouted at you to shut up but you still couldn't hear me. So, I threw that at you. That's the only way to get you to pay attention.
Me: What???
DD: Can you PLEASE stop singing.
Me (nearly in tears and very angry): You are so rude. I can't believe you threw that at me. And NO... I WILL NOT STOP SINGING. What will you do now?
DD stomped out of the room, banging the door for effect. Undeterred I resumed singing...loudly :)).

Fast forward to tonight. Squiggles is screaming and I am singing to her. Loudly and probably tunelessly. There are no sounds of protest from the father. One positive side effect of becoming a mom!!!


rbdans said...

Thats me you are writing about! Only difference here is that both husband and wife like to sing, both are incapable of singing and both can't take each others singing.
I have been singing to D and Dlittle since their conception. But, lately D has started protesting too. You don't sing Mummy, I will sing :( And I see that wicked smile on H's face.

kodi's mom said...

only squiggles appreciates the spirit of the you sing on, gal! after getting your husband some earclamps :)

Squiggles Mom said...

rbdans - i am so thankful squiggles can't protest yet or rather i can pretend not to understand. i think i would be gutted if she too joined the 'let's stop the nightingale' campaign.

kodi's mom - what about mouth clamps so he cant protest?

timepass said...

I guess daddy is waiting for daughter dear to protest in a better way than him(and succeed of course).. what say??

Squiggles Mom said...

timepass - He's tried throwing things at me... I don't know what tricks she is going to try on me! Let me assure you though... they will not succeed... ever.

Swati said...

Hahahhahaha..extremely hilarious !!
Only my son appreciate my singing amd my husband says I torture him...:P

Just Like That said...

hahahaha how mean of your husband! Remind him that he took you on for better and for worse LOL!

Yeah, Mummyhood has its benefits! Lolololol!

Squiggles Mom said...

Swati: Welcome! I'm glad I'm not the only one.

JLT: I think his frustration is that I'm not willing to change :)

indicaspecies said...

Hilarious posting. Keep writing, and singing, and I hope you don't forget to gift hubby with mouthclamps for his birthday..haha!

Squiggles Mom said...

Indicaspecies - How about good 'ol brown packing tape.. that's available everwhere and I don't have to wait till his b'day!