Thursday, December 27, 2007

Squiggles in Chandni Chowk

Squiggles is having fun.

Squiggles is loving her car rides on Delhi streets at the moment. Unlike boring Singapore where her view is severely restricted in the car seat, here she has a great view in the lap of one of her indulgent family. Smiling strangers, waving at her at red lights. Pedestrians, cycle rickshaws, goods being transported, Cows, Donkeys, Birds - All provide immense stimulation. She's been to the local market in her pram and enjoyed her walk amongst all the hubub and activity.

Today we took her to Chandni Chowk and she rode with us on the Delhi Metro. There isn't a Metro station close to our house, so we got a lift to the closest Metro station. It made me so proud to travel on the Metro. It was clean and well maintained. I'm so happy that it has turned out so well and provides much relief to millions of commuters. Squiggles loved the ride. She was squealing at a beautiful lady on the train and cooing very prettily. Obviously I felt like strutting at such 'cute' behaviour by my child. As we stepped out in to the galis (lanes) of Chandni Chowk, she happily absorbed all the noise and activity and looked around curiously. She was clearly enjoying herself, so we did as well.

Chandni Chowk was great fun. Squiggles was in her Baby Bjorn and was jiggling her hands and legs vigorously. The two stores that we patronised found themselves the proud recipient of some fragrant poo filled diapers. This was her way of showing she liked them. We enjoyed some yummy dahi bhallas, paneer pakodas, grilled cheese sandwiches, Indian style espress coffee. Yummm. One of the shop owners was mentioning how business had improved with the advent of the Metro since people were no longer afraid of a slow and arduous commute. Since we'd already pigged out on so much food, we couldn't try the parathas in Parathewali Gali. Maybe some other time. Since it's so easy to get there now, I think I will be going again before we leave.


choxbox said...

waaah i missed my india trip by a whisker this year, now i am all the more senti! congrats on the backward crawl!

Suki said...

Oooh you make me nostalgic about Delhi, all over again! Never been to Delhi's Chandni Chowk(shock! horror!), but the metro there definitely rules.
Have the green and purple lines been built yet?

Glad Squiggles had fun there - must have been a lovely time for all of you :D. Oh, and poo-filled diapers are definitely a mark of her appreciation, no doubts whatsoever! She wants to spend more time there, don't you see?
and now don't remind me of the food I'm missing! :(

Squiggles Mom said...

choxbox - Well since you'kl be spending much more time there soon, you shouldn't worry. Hope everything is good at your end.

Suki - Well you need to visit the next time you're there. Work is underway for the Metro all over the city and the other lines aren't up yet. You know I always rave about the food in Delhi but as yet I haven't had the wow food except Chole Bhature at Bengali Sweets in South Ex. I'm waiting for someone to take me to Pandara Road....

choxbox said...

oh yup things are fine! btw we're going to your part of town this weekend to these friends' place (the ones i'd mentioned, who're also from your alma mater).

Anonymous said...


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