Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Of embarrasing moments in the gym

I don't know why I'm doing this. If I feel like having fun, surely it shouldn't be at my expense?

It's my second time at the gym post baby. My personal trainer hands me a skipping rope as part of my cardio session and announces '100'. Skips, he means. I'm not too sure I can manage even 20 but since I'm paying him I decide to give it a shot. 10, 18, not bad so far. Skip no. 22 oooppps... I can feel something. One little drop of water escapes. Skip no. 57.....the drops are changing to big fat drops.....Uh oh. Should I stop??? Skip no. 81....I better stop. This is fast getting worse. I just pretend that I've had enough and hand back the rope to him. I look down and there is a big stain down there! I just mumble something to the guy about muscles down there being weak. He nods understandingly, "You should do your Keigels". ?!!!? Hide me somewhere please.......... I carry on with the workout as if nothing weird has happened. Why didn't anyone TELL me that this is another price for being a mommy?

I'm lifting some heavy weights, doing a chest exercise. I'm looking at myself in the mirror when I realise my breasts look a bit wonky. It's as if my left breast has moved to the centre of my chest. I quickly readjust my bra and realise there are 10 other people in the gym and I have been walking around for the last 15 mins like this...sigh.

I'm bending down doing another stupid exercise. One moment there's nothing and the next second there it is, in all it's white glory. My breast pad! The one with the super adhesive. Lousy stuff. Never bought that brand again.

I'm doing a set of sprints to warm up. I bend down, hands on the floor, heads up, waiting for the go ahead to start. "You've dropped your pad", announces the ever-so-helpful trainer. What? Where? Again! It's lying there on the floor in all it's pristine glory. I quickly sweep it up and crush it in my palm and curse the pathetic excuse of an adhesive. I hide it in my hand and discreetly throw it in the bin as head back to the gym.

After a stressful back exercise, I stretch. Hands behind the back, hands clasped, strrrrrrrrrretch. POP! My bra has unhooked itself. Naughty little thing. I stumble backwards, careful not to turn around lest my fantastic trainer figures out why I'm walking out the door with a quick "I'll be right back". As I head out the door, he starts following me! "Are you alright?", he shouts. I nod vigorously, "I'll be right back". "Are you sure? Do you need any help?". Help!!! Noooooooooooooooooooo.

C'mon tell me I'm not the only one. Pllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeassssssssssse.


choxbox said...

uh-oh. (hugs). issokay, hardly matters, squiggles is worth it all etc.

Parul said...

Hey SM,

Not to worry...you are not alone. I wear dark clothing to the gym for more reasons than one - as you can well imagine - yeah, its a strange world when women who are still leaking from various places are expected to get back into shape!

Your trainer, he is sweet!! Nilesh would have died of embarassment!!

On a more serious note, my ob-gyn was after my life to lose weight six weeks after my c-sec. I gave in to the pressure and went to the gym. I did some 10 mins on the treadmill the first day and started bleeding. Called her up, she tells me I have got my period back!! Thankfully I decided that fitness could wait, I needed to first heal!

Started at five months post-partum and its going much better now. And no, I had not got my period...

All the best dude...you show 'em!

~nm said...

Hahahaha! Sorry but I just couldn't help laughing!! But to give you some consolation I've had the bra-clasp-opening so many time and at such weirdest of situations when I couldn't even go to the loo! And now you can imagine me how I was trying to adjsut my sitting postion so that nothing gets to obvious!! Hehehehe..

DotMom said...

hugs. poor you. You have an awsome trainer who is so understanding!Like Parul suggested, wear dark clothing and a padded sports bra (you can buy them at maternity stores)over your regular one. And please do youe kiegels..you will be glad you did them. they really work.

Shubhangi said...

And on that note, I am NEVER having kids.

Fuzzylogic said...

You are not the only one!there..there..does that feel better?:)*pat on the back* except for the first one (had a C section so escaped that bit)most of them have happened probably not at a gym though:)Get those Kegels going strong girl.

Squiggles Mom said...

choxbox - Ummmm.... yeah she is but still!!!

Parul - I knew I could count on you :). Your ob-gyn sounds a touch mad because after a c-sec you shouldn't be going anywhere near a treadmill for atleast 3 months. I started 6 weeks post partum but really with all the food I'm still consuming it's a slow process.

nm -!!! Stop laughing you.... you.... At least you haven't escaped completely.

Dotmom - Well now I only wear BLACK :). And I have invested in a sports bra but not a padded one....will that make a difference?
The problem is Kiegels are so damn boring....

shubhangi - You stand warned!

Fuzzy - Awwww... thank you. It does feel better *all and warm fuzzy*

ddmom said...

I was going to write the same thing Parul already wrote. And yes, padded ones work.
I have to add.. err.. I had a hearty laugh.. At your expense. Sorry!

choxbox said...

was half-kidding.

but hey do kiegels while doing something esle - like say you are doing something on the comp - then take a micro break, do 10-15 kiegels and carry on. get the pic? that way its less boring :)

mnamma said...

Hugs to you Squiggle's Mom and of course you are not the only one. Even more embarassing things happened to me at that stage.

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