Thursday, December 27, 2007

Milestone Alert - Backward Crawling

Squiggles Atthai (DD's sister) was playing with her this morning and dangling some gold bangles in front of her. My greedy daughter, in a bid to grab the gorgeous bangles, ended up crawling backwards. On all fours. Two steps back. Witnessed only by her aunt and no one else. Her grandma held a small ceremony to mark the occasion. She held Squiggles under a door and poured some sweets and coins over her head!!! I know, it does sound funny but it was kind of cute. I love the fact that for every achievement in a child's early years, there are simple little traditions which make it so much fun. And it made me feel glad that we were here when it happened, so we could follow the tradition.


Suki said...

Awww, that's so very cute! And.. oh my goodness. She's crawling already! :sigh: And Y's Peanut will also be crawling soon. They grow so fast.

These ceremonies make babies that huge bit more fun, don't they? I haven't seen any of them, but they sure sound lovely!

Aryan said...

nice to know about the tradition..for crawling back..

Swati said...

Good to know this ..even aryan started crawling in reverse gear first :D
Sweet little traditions :)