Monday, December 31, 2007

Catching a ray of light

Only a child can make you look at something that's a part of your everyday life with fresh eyes.

We were visiting some family friends for lunch. Squiggles was very sweet and slept right through lunch. Just as I'd finished dessert she woke up. I brought her out to sit with everyone in the living room.

I sat down on a two-seater sofa and I propped her up against the cushions next to me. She lay back and was observing her surroundings. She was all words, mumbling sweet nothings. A beam of afternoon sunlight streamed through the balcony door and passed in front of her. Suddenly she noticed the light and reached out with her soft pudgy hand to try to catch it. As her hands closed, she found nothing. She reached out to grab at it again. Again her hand closed around empty air. And so it went on. The air particles must have become illuminated and caught her fancy. She was arrested by the sight. Her concentration was complete and she was totally focused on grabbing this elusive thing. It was just such a beautiful moment. There were tender smiles on our faces as we watched her. The desire to hand it over to her clear on our faces :). Her fascination with it was unexpected and gave all of us such pleasure.

The image of her curling her hand, trying to reach out for the sunshine will remain etched in my mind forever, and if I forget, these words will remind me.


Suki said...

And that, Squiggles' Mom, was my ray of light on a rather cold, dismal morning. :)
Thank you.

Anonymous said...


I like reading ur posts, even i stay in singapore.

Looking forward to Blog pals

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Aryan said...

cool..cute squiggles to go behind the ray of light..she is the ray of hope for you

Mona said...

sweet. tell me someone caught that on camera.

Shubhangi said...

Aww, thats so sweet. Glad youre getting around in Delhi. I'm pretty sure everyone would want to meet Squiggles.

deepa said...

Awwww....squiggle's mama this is when you want to freeze this moment in time and never let it go. And this to all the trolls out there is what makes babies so special and magical:-)

Squiggles Mom said...

Suki - You always come with an open heart and leave behind much warmth and many smiles.

Shakti - Welcome. Thanks for reading. All the best for your blog.

Aryan - So true :)

Mona - I debated running for the camera but then didn't want to disturb her or miss out on the moment so I let it be. I guess somethings are meant to be in the mind's eye. This is why I love will remain here to remind me when I've forgotten!

Deepa - Babies are special. Some people figure that out soon and for others it takes a while.

Timepass said...

Happy New Year. nice to note that squiggles is having a good time in delhi (and u too)

Just Like That said...

:-) I loved this post of yours, so simple and yet says so much for the things a child brings into our lives... Hugs to your little ray of sunshine. and a very happy and prosperous new year to you and yours, dear Squiggles' Mom.

choxbox said...

biyootiful :)

Squiggles Mom said...

Timepass, JLT, choxbox - Thanks a ton ladies.

Sue said...

I know what you mean. I hope this year has plenty more such moments for you guys.

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...


artnavy said...

squiggles- lovely

i saw ur query on chox's

taare zameen par art
samir mondal is the artist of the last 2 paintings- the ones that make it to thr year book

the rest which i found more inspired are by amole gupte and his wife deepa

Preethi said...

so cute.. i do hope you caught this on video

Parul said...

Hi SM,

I loved reading your Delhi Tales..but this post was even better. Talk about wanting to give the sun, the moon and the stars to our children - its done being figurative, eh ;)?

Love to lil Squiggley Pants


Squiggles Mom said...

Sue - Thank you Sue :)

Anitha - Thanks.

Artnavy - Thanks for that. I will google him now. I didn't realise that Amole Gupta and his wife had done the other paintings.

Preethi - Unfortunately no. I decided to enjoy the moment rather than run around for the camera :)

Parul - Thanks hon. We kind of keep wanting to give more and more, don't we? We need to get a life *grins*