Friday, November 16, 2007

'Nothing' Holiday tales

I'm trying to think of a word to describe our holiday but I can't think of one. It was just what we needed. Very relaxing and simply wonderful. We did absolutely nothing. Zilch. Na da. Nothing. It was completely different from our usual holidays. There were no planned days, no must sees, no nothing. We ate like pigs, drank like fish, bummed around, wallowed like hippos in the pool, and just did nothing. I know I keep going on about it but one more time.... NOTHING!!! And it was brilliant. I'm all for nothingness :).

Squiggles was wonderful...... most of the time :). As much as can be expected of a 5 month old and much better than our expectation (it always pays to have reeeeaaaaallllly low expectations!).

I have to admit though that I could be found several days before we were due to leave praying fervently that Squiggles would be alright and nothing would prevent us from leaving for our much looked forward to break. Visions of nebulisers kept haunting me. DD had been coughing for several days and I was afraid that Squiggles would catch it from him, thus preventing us from going on holiday. So, for a change, I went around admonishing DD to have more cough syrup, plying him with Haldi ka Doodh (hot milk with turmeric) and asking him not to pick up Squiggles.

Of course once we reached there safely I was constantly haunted by visions of having to catch an earlier flight back home because she was ill. Please tell me that all mums are crazy. I used to be totally bindaas (carefree) before and now find myself going mental with crazy fears.

The flight itself was uneventful for all other passengers including Squiggles except of course for me. Mindful of all the sensible advice given by all my blogging mummy friends I was determined that Squiggles should feed during take off. Quite characteristic of our relationship, Squiggles demanded milk much before take off. I tried putting her off by distracting her and constantly harrassing DD by asking him every 10 seconds "Should I give her milk now? Should I give her milk now?". Finally, as the plane started moving, out of sheer embarrasment from all the squealing and squirming that was going on, I started feeding her. As fate would have it, there was a queue of planes waiting for take off and we had to wait for 5-7 mins on the runway. Predictably against all my determination to feed her during take off, Squiggles promptly fell asleep just as the plane started gathering speed for take off. As the plane rose in the skies I could be seen quite harrassed forcing my nipple into Squiggles' mouth who was quite firm about not wanting it and kept her lips tightly shut. Silly child. I kept trying to force my nipple in her mouth for the next 10-15 mins with DD looking on exasperatedly. I, quite convinced that she was going to be in pain when she woke up, and he, quite convinced that he had gotten on the plane with the wrong woman - an escaped lunatic instead of his wife. Needless to say she was fine and I was perspiring by the end of it all.

I decided to be more relaxed during landing and take my cues from her behaviour. Invariably since I had decided to be more 'cool' about it Squiggles decided that she was indeed very uncomfortable with all the pressure and proceeded to maul my breast and nipple throughout the descent. Sigh.

We finally landed and for a change were not the first ones out of the plane. Gathering the enormous amount of hand baggage - 20 diapers (someone suggested on my blog that I should carry twice the amount that I thought would be necessary, you see), several changes of clothing, god knows how many burp cloths, blankets, car seat, my purse, baby carrier etc. - we couldn't have got off any earlier (we were the last ones off the flight). We were going to get visas on arrival in Phuket so hadn't bothered to apply for it beforehand in Singapore. Since my dad had warned DD that we would need references for our Thai visa application, it was obvious that DD would disregard that advice because of its source! Anyway with my quick thinking and even quicker call to Moppet's Dad, we were sorted.

We collected our many bags and headed out to look for our transport to the resort. Our agent had arranged it and considering the number of things she got wrong I was pretty relieved to spot someone holding up a placard with our name on it. DD loaded all bags in the rear but Squiggles' mammoth pram and car seat could not fit in. There was no choice but for poor DD to hold the pram (or should I say travel system) in his lap in the 30 min drive to the resort :)). If he felt a bit ridiculous arriving at our luxurious resort with this big green thing in his lap he didn't let on. I know if it had been me, the entire 30 min ride would have been punctuated with curses!

Every bit of stress and depression was washed away as we entered the resort. It was twilight by the time we reached there and the resort was bathed in twinkling candlelight. Sounds of rushing water reached us and fresh lotus flowers greeted us as we entered the lobby. It was magical. I couldn't have wished for a more beautiful and romantic setting. Many a time you look at photographs of hotels on websites and cynically assume that it cannot be as good. But for once I was spellbound. It was more, much more beautiful than I had envisaged. Check in was quick and we were led out to a golf buggy which would take us to our villa.

We didn't get a chance to take many pictures of the resort by night but here's one of the bar area.

And a few of the resort in daylight.

There were many firsts on this trip - Squiggles' 1st holiday, Squiggles' 1st flight, Squiggles' 1st stay in a hotel/resort as well as.....

Squiggles' 1st time on a beach

Squiggles's 1st time in a swimsuit

Squiggles' 1st time in a pool

Squiggles' 1st time on a boat

DD's first massage.....!

After being pummeled by a fat woman on the beach DD decided to try out the 'Gentleman's package' at the spa. Now it sounds dodgy I know but considering where we were staying I was confident that DD was safe from amorous advances by thai beauties. He came back thoroughly relaxed and raving and this is what the conversation was like.

DD: That was superb (it's his mot de jour)
Me: Really (wicked smile). So did you umm.... you know.
DD: What?
Me: Did you ... you know.... ummmm........ get.....ummm... (go on to complete the sentence)
DD: You are crazy. Where do you get such ideas from? It was great. I fell alseep halfway through the massage.

Phew.....Very relieved, I gave him a big hug :)). He responded by laughing heartily, big rumbling laughs from a big man.

Another highlight of the holiday was the bonding between DD and Squiggles. She finally saw him for more than 30mins at a stretch and was forced to spend quality time with him while I was spa-ing. Here's DD walking her around in her baby carrier while I gulp down my 4th plate at breakfast (did I mention breakfast was super yummy).

I managed to get two glorious massages at the spa while DD dealt with an inconsolable Squiggles. Did I feel guilty? Nah..... alright just a teeny bit but not enough to stop me!!

This is where we had lunch on our last day.

Oh and I forgot to mention that DD bought me a bottle of Dom Perignon from the 1999 vintage to kick start our holiday. Mainly because I've been going on about the fact that his colleague and he shared 2 bottles to celebrate his impending fatherhood at a time when I couldn't even smell it. And also because he's such a sweetheart.

I feel absolutely great...very refreshed and raring to go. Which reminds me that we're off to Delhi in exactly 3 weeks. Me alone with Squiggles. Now that should be interesting......not.


Mala said...

Welcome back ! So what hotel was it anyway ?
The photo of first time in the pool is priceless..

Mala said...

OMG - the toy in the pram? I have exactly the same one. Which was bought by my mom in Moscow of all places. Spooky.

Timepass said...

Wow, looks like squiggles has enjoyed this holiday and you too (spa and 4 breakfasts!!)

Squiggles Mom said...

Mala - We stayed at the Banyan Tree and it was fabulous... great with a baby. I'm not surprised about the toy, another effect of globalisation and chinese products.
I'm J of your mom's trip to Moscow though... I'd love to go to Russia.

Timepass - That was 4 breakfasts * 4 days = 16!!!

Poppins said...

Awesome ! Sounds like you had a great great time. Now, there's only the Delhi trip ;)

Suki said...

That sounds so very lovely! So glad you three had a good time :).

Have I mentioned that Squiggles looks absolutely squishable in her swimsuit? Can't quite see enough of her in the other pics, hehe.

choxbox said...

sounds like you had a great time. btw if she was sleeping during take-off why would you need to feed her?! as far as i know she wouldnt have woken up with a ear-ache. its only if she's up and uncomfy that you need to nurse, isnt it?!

also if its helps - guess what i did when n3 was a baby - travelled with 20 baby food jars in the cabin luggage every time, the logic being what if the flight got delayed/cancelled?! so yes at least this mum was (is?) crazy.

Kodi's Mom said...

that crazy mommy behavior where only worst case scenarios keep playing in your head - that'll taper off..give it till her first bday :)

omg, that last pic is too good! and so many firsts for Squiggles. way to go, all of you!

DotMom said...

doing "nothing" is the best kind of holiday, methinks. squiggles looks super cute in the swim suit!

mnamma said...

Welcome back Squiggle's Mom! I am glad you enjoyed the 'nothing' holiday! ROTFL on your 'visions'. And yes all the other Moms have these crazy visions too! And squiggles looks like an absolute darling in the swim suit :)Excellent Squiggle's Mom!

Squiggles Mom said...

Poppins - Only!!

Suki - You know what her swimming cap reminds me of? All those black cat commandoes with their military caps with the hanging cloth to protect the neck. Everytime I see her in the cap I crack up. I think she looks hilarious. She is so going to hate me for this when she grows up *evil laughter*

Choxbox - Don't you think DD was trying to tell me exactly that??? Did I listen??? Nah... coz I am super dumb (sometimes).

Kodi's Mom - I hope so coz I would quite like to get back to being normal.

dotmom - Thanks.

mnamma - I'm glad I'm not the only one. Thanks.

Moppet's Mom said...

I've been out of everything for so long - didn't even come round to wish you for Diwali :-(

Nothing holidays are quite the best, aren't they? Nice to see all 3 of you had fun.

ddmom said...

The trip sounds awesome, looks like you'll had a lot of fun. Squiggles sure had a lot of fun, look at her !
About mommies being crazy, all I can tell you is it gets better the second time around. This one time I landed at a friends place without the diaper bag, just my 5 month old :( Dunno if I am not crazy any more OR I am so pre-occupied with the older one, I tend to forget the second one is only a few months old :(
LOL on the flight take off plan and the massage.

On a different note, thanks for the birthday wishes you left on MNamma's blog.

Moppet's Mom said...