Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Holiday Holiday Holiday Holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


11 months and 10 days

That's how long it will be since my last holiday. That was to celebrate our 4th anniversary and we chose Madrid. I'd booked our flights months ago, long before I knew I was pregnant. We got a fab deal on our hotel and it was a relaxed and chilled out break.

Now almost a year later we're off again... finally :). DD and I both love travelling. Our holidays are usually action packed and we rarely spend any time in the hotel. Both of us are ever so keen to explore, discover off the beaten track spots and just soak in the atmosphere. While we were in London we would average 1 long break (10 days to 2 weeks) and 2-3 short weekend breaks each year. This was in addition to our annual trips to India but those we never considered as holidays. We would often return back from India needing a holiday after the hectic family and friends meeting, food hogging home visit.

So the need to take a break, get away from the mundane has been gnawing at us. Somewhere at the back of our minds we've been waiting for Squiggles to grow up just a bit and for us to feel more comfortable in our role as parents before we venture out on a holiday with her. So, unlike any of our holidays before, this is purely about relaxing and getting used to holidaying with an infant.

Phuket................ here we come. White sandy beaches and clear blue water. Yummy, spicy Thai food. Heavenly and cheap thai massages. Nothing to do. No cooking, cleaning or whatever. No giving instructions to maid. No grocery shopping. No thinking what should be on the menu today that will meet DD's approval. No gym :). Only DD and me...... oh and Squiggles LOL.

I'm hoping she'll be half good because expecting her to be 100% good is tempting fate. If I can get a massage a day and one other treatment I shall be pleased and purring like a cat. Sigh... I am tempting fate!

It's been a rocky start to the holiday though. I found a travel agent in Chinatown (bad bad idea) and though I didn't have any references, they were affiliated to a major travel group which handles holiday packages on behalf of Singapore Airlines. So I thought they would be squeaky clean and easy to deal with. Boy was I wrong! I have spent several hours on 4 separate occasions trying to sort out what seemed on paper to be a simple plan.

Suffice to say, DD was yelling at her yesterday because she had so screwed things up. I'm not going to go into details but I finally picked everything up from her this afternoon and I hope eveything improves from here on.

Now the trickiest part of the holiday. What do I need to take for Squiggles to make sure she's comfortable and is happy because that is directly corelated to how much we can enjoy the break. So all of you who have gone holidaying with an infant, this is your time to give gyan (advice).

Here are the things I'm struggling with.

1. I give her a bottle of formula to supplement breastmilk. How can I sterilise her bottle and other stuff while we're holidaying without having to buy an expensive steriliser? We just boil her stuff at home at the moment.

2. Can we take her in the pool?

3. I was reading somewhere that infants under 6 months should not be exposed to the sun. Do we need to get her a cap/sun shade type thing?

4. We're planning to buy a baby monitor so that we can sit outside in the garden and use the pool if she's sleeping. Any suggestions on brands if you've already bought one?

5. How do I keep her calm on the flight? What was your experience? What should I be prepared for?

6. Anything else that I should keep in mind? I will be taking her medicines just in case.

Oooooh I can't wait. And even the fact that I don't have a swimming costume and don't deserve to wear one isn't dampening my enthusiasm. I soooo need this. I'm so excited :))))).


DotMom said...

happy vacationing!

sterlization: you can buy microwavable bags to sterlize. Just pop bottle parts in it and follow directions. babies r us sells them. I am sure you will find them in singapore.

pool? I don't know. I didn't take Chip to a public pool till he was 6 mo.

3. Definately cap.. check if you can buy infant sunscreen..

baby monitors: they are all the same.. its the location that matters.

give her bottle during take off and landins so she swallows and her ears don't hurt. Carry twice as many diapers and clothes in the cabin baggage as you think are enough.

happy flying!

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...

1. A microwavable steriliser very affordable.Otherwise, you can buy the use and throw drop-ins from Playtex for feeding her. You may have to sterilise the nipples alone, will save you time in sterilising.

2. I don't think you can.

3. You are right, you are not even supposed apply sunscreen on them (this is in US, check with your Ped if there are any sunscreens for infants so young). Best is having her dressed up in cotton cover-alls and a wide brimmed hat.

4. Brand does not matter I guess.

5. I have no experience. But from what I have heard, some Peds advise parents to drug their babies to sleep with Benadryl(anti-histamine makes you drowsy too)

6. Yes, please take her medicines. And check this out too.

Happy vacationing. Hope you guys have a wonderful time.

Poppins said...

I ditto what the others have said. A sling might come in handy too.

Have a fantastic trip ! We're avid travelers too, and I have found that the earlier you start traveling with your baby, the more they get used to it and you can actually enjoy yourself !

Kodi's Mom said...

oh your enthu is so infectious!!
traveling with an infant is easy - really! at least, easier than traveling with a toddler. on 5, keeping her entertained, don't worry, it wont be much work. from your other posts, she sounds like she enjoys outdoors - in all probability, she'll be gaping at all the new sights and sounds that she won't need extra entertainment. just talk to her often, your voice should do all the entertaining..for your comfort (!) you could take coulpe of her teether toys, soft books, rattles - the like. lightweight but reliable.

most of all, relax and have fun! she will too!

mnamma said...

Enjoy your vacation Squiggle's Mom!!! You know I was thinking you were in Delhi, until I read your last post. You do worry so much in advance :) Regarding point number 5 - Sometimes an altitude difference may cause discomfort in the ears. Consult with your ped regarding what you should do, if that happens. In my case since my children are older I give them something to eat during take off and landing - the chewing helps with the discomfort. Like Kodi's Mom says it is a wee bit easier with infants in terms of keeping them entertained. Have a wonderful vacation!

choxbox said...
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choxbox said...

travel with a 5 mo old is easier than when they become toddlers - bcoz (a) they wont want to run off everywhere :) and (b) you dont need special food for them. we moved to london when n3 was 5 mo old! - parked in a hotel for 4 weeks, looked for an apt, moved in etc. am sure it wouldve been tougher had she been older.

all the others above have answered most of your Qs. about the flight - i nursed my babies during take-off/landing so either that or if bottle suits you better that'd also work.

have a great time!

Fuzzylogic said...

You are going to Phuket wow!and where are the Madrid snaps? By the way everyone seems to have covered most of your concerns. Travelling with a 6 month old is far more relaxing than with a 1 year old so don't worry,take a deep breath and plunge in:)
1. As for sterlization I took Playtex drop-ins and they worked pretty fine. All you had to do was clean the nipples.
2.You can take her to the pool depending on the weather. Get those adorable swim suits for her, I died and went to baby heaven just looking at those cuties while shopping:)
3.As for the sun,they don;t recommend sunscreen for less than 6 month olds. So take the cap/sunshade.
4.Baby monitors -brand really doesn't matter
5.Now that requires some entertainment from your side:)Pack in some bright picture books and toys. Ina however had more fun punching at those tv screens on the seat and the ear phones provided than with any of the others. Do take some infant tylenol but I never used it.
6.Diapers,diapers and diapers.Warm blankets,extra dresses and lots of enthusiasm and fun:)

I'm sure you will do well. Don't forget to get the pics:)

Squiggles Mom said...

Thanks everyone for all your helpful suggestions. We're off tomorrow and I will let you know how it went when we get back next Thursday.

And fuzzy I won't forget the pictures!

Anonymous said...
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