Monday, November 26, 2007

Milestone Alert

Squiggles can now sit on her little tush without any assistance from me for a few seconds at a time. Of course, she soon topples over. One second she's sitting all merry and the next she plonks down side ways, head first.

As a result, the proud parents keep making her sit but more to enjoy the spectacle of her toppling over which always gets a few chuckles going!


Moppet's Mom said...

Yay! Photoooo!

And the screaming - if you're sure it's not any discomfort then it's probably just attention getting - Moppet tried it out once, and I'd just sit next to her and not pick her up until she stopped screaming. Lasted 2 days and I haven't seen any repeat behaviour, thank goodness. But she was older at the time - around one - don't know if the same would really apply to Squiggles.

Suki said...

Yay Squiggles!

Photo! photo!

Having Net troubles, so gotta rush.
Hope the screaming gets taken care of soon.

mnamma said...

Yayyyy Squiggles!!!! Photos please :)

Squiggles Mom said...

Thanks everyone. I need to get my backside in action and sort out photos, but I will do soon.

The screaming isn't on its own, she also cries and starts shaking towards the end. So there is no way I can let her be. Usually strikes in the car seat. So we have to take her out.

ddmom said...

yayyyy!! Congratulations squiggles! Dlittle is doing the exact same thing. Sometimes she holds her toes with her hands, lifts her body head to tush in an attempt to sit up. Kinda hangs in the air for few seconds and falls.
And she loves when we sit her..

Hey, thanks for checking on me. All is well, some new work related development at this end, hence readjusting...

choxbox said...


All these little moments are so precious . See you almost make me wish for one more.. NOOO what am I saying?!