Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Folks, guess what???

Squiggles just turned over from her back to tummy! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. At precisely 2102hrs Singapore time. Oh god I am so sad :))). At the age of 4 months, 2 weeks and 1 day. Get a grip girl. And DD was there to witness it as well which is kind of sweet since he misses most of her 'firsts'. I need to get a life. But I'm so happy.

*trails away skipping and humming tunelessly*


Shubhangi said...

Congratulations! So like are you gonna bake a cake and celebrate?

DotMom said...

atta girl, squiggles.

Suki said...

Congratulations, Squiggles!

And hugs to Squiggles Mom. As I told Moppet's Mom earlier - there will only be one Mommy, no matter how old Squiggles is. And no matter how independent she seems, you'll be the only one who can make it better with just a hug.
Take care!

Squiggles Mom said...

Shubhangi - Should I??? Really.... I wouldn't mind except I think I have enough fat in my body :).
We'll save this for when you decide to turn up!

dotmom - Thaaaaank you.

Suki - Have I said this before? But you are a tear jerker *voice wobbling*. What a sweet thing to say just as I keep telling myself to enjoy her while she remains within arms distance.. sigh.. she's growing up way too fast

Moppet's Mom said...

Well done, Squiggly-wiggly!

Mona said...

i know what you mean about babies growing up so fast! it's why i'm glad hana isn't crawling already, she can't move away from me yet :)
yay, squiggles, an acheivement is an acheivement still, no matter how nostalgic it makes mama.

Poppins said...

Yay *clap clap*

masi poo said...

congrats squiggly poo! masi poo loWes u! I am soo proud of her... after all, who's niece is she anyway? yup yup! that's what I thought :) awesome b'day present ! kisses !

indicaspecies said...

Joys of motherhood!
Congratulations. :)

Your cloth diapers post is a wonderful read.

Squiggles Mom said...

Moppet's Mom - :)).

Mona - I have a feeling that I'm going to be teary eyed every time she 'achieves' and I used to be pretty rational before!

Masi Poo - You always leave me confused. Birthday present? Well, as long as she only takes after her maasi's and not her maama's we should be alright!

Indicaspecies - Hello! Thanks and Thanks :).

Malavika said...

Yay ! Btw the Ashtami photos are awesome..

masi poo said...

squiggles mom... her turning over was a present for me! means she's getting smarter... hahahha, or at least i hope. i need a four year old who can tlak back to me... ! gosh !

kodi's mom said...

YAY!!! now the world opens up for Squiggly :) and you too ;)

will be back for your Cloth Diaper read - I can so relate!

Suki said...

re: ur response to my comment - awwwww!!!! :hugs: :D

Squiggles Mom said...

Poppins - Thaaaanks.

Mala - Yay!! Ashtami was fun :). I've asked my mom to get a lehenga stitched for her first Diwali, am so looking forward to it. I hope she remembers to send bangles, better call her.

Maasi Poo - Oh, I get that now. BTW Happy Birthday. Will call you in the evening.

Kodi's Mom - I have a feeling what you mean because she keeps turning over, I mean she doesn't stop. I put her down on her back and hey presto she's upside down. I think she likes doing that :).

Suki - *double hugs*

ddmom said...

I am late.. I am late.. How did I miss this..
Dlittle is sending lot of hugs!

Squiggles Mom said...

ddmom - Better late than never! Thank you. Tight hug back to dlittle.