Thursday, October 11, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

It has been that kind of a week. I've had so much on, not one moment's peace and yet I didn't do anything! Do you know that feeling? Well there's loads to tell so hang on to your seats coz this is going to be one loooooong post :).

Where do I start. Oh The Body Shop had a massive massive sale last Friday so of course I couldn't miss it. I cancelled my training session (which is sacrilege) and took Mum, Squiggles and my maid along. It was fabulous. Mum and I were like a couple of chickens, look here pick up stuff, look there pick up more stuff, put the previous stuff back, pick up other stuff, oh the stuff there is cheaper blah blah blah. I bought loads of body creams, gift sets, lipsticks, shower gels to give as presents when I go to Delhi in Dec (oooh I can't wait). I know that I won't have the time to buy specific presents for everyone because of Squiggles so I hoarded. It's such an easy present as well since most people like The Body Shop stuff. And I bought myself a mandarin orange salt scrub which I still haven't had a chance to use but I know it's going to be fabulous. I ended up spending loads but that's besides the point isn't it :).

Then went along to buy frozen foods for family in Delhi since my Mum was going to India this week. Anybody looking at my trolley would be forgiven for thinking there was a food shortage just that they hadn't heard about it yet! My whole family is a foodie just like me so sending food is the best gift you can send. In fact if you send presents but no food people are so disappointed whereas food without presents isn't a problem. Got back home late and just crashed. I had frozen pizza for dinner (like the ones you get in Waitrose back in London... sigh I miss those) and DD was happy with dosas, a win-win situation.

On Saturday went gymming in the morning and couldn't drag DD out of the house until the evening because of the bloody grand prix as well as countless replays of all ODI's that India has ever played. Now I do love cricket but really I can't get the whole excitement of watching a replay when you already know the result! It just beats me.

Saturday evening was fabulous though. When I managed to drag DD out of the home, we went on a long drive with my dad and Squiggles. We decided to navigate without a map and just meandered along, ending up in places we had never been to before. In 45 mins we had covered most of Singapore :) and just by chance we ended up close to a fabulous Italian restaurant where we wanted to eat but didn't have the telephone number to make a reservation. Instincts or what?? So, we booked a table for 9.30 the same evening. Then we headed down to a gorgeous cafe which I'd last been to in my last month of pregnancy. We had some really nice tapas and coffee and headed back home. Squiggles was a model baby through most of it. She slept on the long drive, woke up in the cafe and behaved beautifully, threw a hunger tantrum on the way back so ended up feeding her in the car, very typical.

Barely had we made it back home than it was time to head back for dinner. I nursed Squiggles, put her in her PJs and we headed to the restaurant. She was a darling and fell asleep on the way and slept all through dinner even though it was really noisy. It was a really relaxed dinner. A gorgeous Chianti, great food (pizza just like I've had in Rome, superb), divine desserts. We had this Chantilly cake which really melted in the mouth, honestly I am not exaggerating. I've decided I'm getting that cake for my birthday. Yummy. We headed back home and crashed about midnight.

The next two nights were a bit zombie like because Squiggles woke up during the night for a feed. So the days are a bit of a blur. Actually now that I think about it the blur is clearing. Oh how could I forget, she was super super cranky Sunday and Monday. I cannot express my frustration with her those two days. It was her 4th month birthdhay on Monday and it was really hard for me to stay positive with her throughout the day. I had no idea what was wrong. She kept whining and wanting milk. I felt like I was on demand 24 hours. She refused to go to anyone else. Really tough.

In the midst of all this, we had her 4th month check up on Tuesday morning. I dropped my dad at work, rushed to the doc with the entire entourage (mum, S and maid :)). Her weight gain was stagnant over the last 2 weeks. So, we're back on her reflux medicine. The doc asked me to try giving her a bottle of expressed milk everyday to get her used to taking the bottle. We're back for a review in 2 weeks. If she doesn't take the bottle by then, then we may need to start giving her solids. Here in Singapore the docs don't give solids until 6 months especially for girls because they believe this is the best time for the child to build up on calcium deposits which will help them later on in life. So, that's the answer to your question Rbdans.

My mom left to go to the hairdressers while we were at the doc. I rushed around to get Squiggles' medicines, formula (while we're trying out the bottle the doc didn't want me to waste my precious expressed milk, once she takes the bottle I will start giving her expressed milk), cloth diapers and other stuff. Realised halfway through that my mum had walked away with the car keys!! So we were stuck in the mall until she was through with the hairdressers which was in a different part of town. Sigh. I decided to buy a birthday present for my sis while I was waiting. Left Squiggles with the maid in the nursing room and started shopping earnestly. Mom called to say she was asking her maid to come to the mall with the spare set of car keys. I finished shopping but the maid was no where to be found. She turned up 45 mins later by which time my Mom had already reached home but couldn't get in because she didn't have her house keys and her maid was out delivering the spare car keys to us! Finally we got the car keys and I took my mom's house keys from the maid so I could give it to her on the way back and set on our way. We had barely reached the lift when my mom's maid came running back because the keys to her bicycle lock was with the house keys. Such a comedy of errors. Phew.

We reached home at 1 and barely had time for mother daughter to have our respective showers and lunch before we headed back to mum's with stuff for her to take to India. Took a breather for 30mins then headed to the airport to drop Mum off. Picked up Dad from the office as well as he couldn't bear not to bid her farewell. Mum's off for 2-3 months and I'm mighty upset. For all the usual selfish reasons - where am I going to get good food from, who will help/guide about Squiggles, who will I vent all my frustrations at etc. etc. If Squiggles is even 5% better than me then that will be a big relief. On the way back picked up DD from the office as well and came home and crashed. Had barely put up my feet when Squiggles was at her tantrumy best. Several hours later crashed again. By which time I was so tired that I couldn't sleep. So lay awake in the dark staring at nothing, tossing and turning. And soon it was morning and the start to another day.

It was a much better day and Squiggles and I did something different which deserves a separate post. So, I will promptly do that one as soon as I've finished ranting. Phew.

Now that I have all that out of my system I can relax.

Oh I forgot to mention one very important thing, silly me. The doc said that Squiggles is a high maintenance baby and that I'm doing very well by dealing with her patiently. Now Squiggles, you're probably reading this when you're in your twenties. See, how nice I was even when you were such a demanding little brat. See how nice I was, am and will be. How're you gonna beat that girl???

By being super nice to me you ungrateful one!!! Which means you just need to buy me the gorgeous Ferragamo clutch that I've seen but cannot afford, the Aston Martin DB9 that I'm lusting after and while you're at it a villa on a sea cliff with a fully functional spa would quite nice too :). And no, I'm not joking.


Malavika said...

Wow..hectic all right ! But in the midst of all that running around, one thing stands out..YOU'RE COMING TO DELHI? Great ! When and for how long?

I'm trying to hold off on solids till 6 months are over, as well. Although some family pressure is there - the classic "Sirf doodh se uska pet kaise bharega" ones. Am starting work next week but will be doing half the day from home, so hopefully 1 bottle of expressed milk should be enough. Although my new fear is that he may develop a sudden aversion to the bottle- has hardly had one the last month and a half, and the couple of times we did give him one last week (when I was out),he fidgeted and didn't have too much. Jeez,I should be mailing you instead of hogging comment space.

Squiggles Mom said...

Mala - Sounds like you have one hectic time coming up! I get the same 'uska pet kaise bharega' comments but from DD. And the fact that she hasn't put on weight makes it worse. So I'm back on panjiri which I only had for the 1st 40 days. And don't worry about hogging space, that's what it's for.
And yes I'm coming to Delhi at the beginning of Dec. Yippeeee! i'll be there for about 5 weeks so we so have to catch up.
Keep me posted on how the transition to work goes.

Swati said...

Hectic can you call shopping hectic and that too if its a sale and that too body shop ...GRR

Squiggles Mom said...

Swati - LOL. Did you stop reading after the body shop sale bit :)).

~nm said...

I had such a good laugh at "Anybody looking at my trolley would be forgiven for thinking there was a food shortage just that they hadn't heard about it yet!"


Itchingtowrite said...

anything for a good sale- shopping leaves u with such a happy feeling !!

choxbox said...

you do set your sights high - villa with spa and all!

i should mail you separately on the reflux bit perhaps..

Squiggles Mom said...

nm - I wasn't laughing when I saw the bill.

itchingtowrite - yup.. i love sales but only good ones. I hate the ones where they advertise like mad and then have the crappy stuff on sale. it makes me claustrophobic.

choxbox - if you have any words of wisdom on reflux then please do email.

Kodi's Mom said...

whew! what a week indeed, just caught my breath after reading your non-stop adventures :) yea, Squiggly, reciprocate ma's patience! hey, abt that non-stop crankiness and endless feeding, K used to go thru that every growth spurt - and I would wonder what the heck was wrong. hpoe you find a solution for the reflux problem.

Squiggles Mom said...

Kodi's Mom - Thanks, maybe that's what it is. She has grown taller but her reflux continues to prevent weight gain. Plus other stuff that I shall blog about soon.

choxbox said...

words? i have whole paragraphs! will do tonight.

Scrapnqueen said...

I loved your last comments to your "daughter-in-the-future." I think I might have to start writing to my children's future selves--never hurts to start practicing all those guilt trips they'll most definitely have earned by then!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Isn't mommyhood an...adventure? :-)


Sue said...

See, when you mentioned the sale my eyes went sort of misty and I forgot to go further. Just kidding! Could I miss out on the mention of food?

Incidentally, when you said food you meant chocolates, right? I'm sure you did.

rbdans said...

That sure was a busy week. LOL on the food shortage.
Hope something works out for the reflux. I had Dlittle's 4 month appointment today and wasn't very happy with her weight gain. Will post about it soon.
And thanks for replying w.r.t. solids. The doc here advised the same.

Squiggles Mom said...

scrapnqueen - Welcome! It is the biggest adventure of them all :). I'm learning something new every moment.

Sue - Ofcourse I meant chocolates. Belgian, Lindt, Cocoa dusted Truffles, champagne truffles, pralines - should i go on are is that enough salivating??

rbdans - I'm looking forward to your post. All the best, it's tough isn't it?

Random Vignettes said...

the ferragamo clutch huh...see thats reason #341 as to why having a kid wud be nice!!!!