Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Of Squiggly things

Once S figured out that she had to put one foot in front of the other, bas, that's it. Even though it was only 5 days ago that she took her first unaided step, she seems like a pro.
The first day, she was still hesitant but still managed 4-5 steps a few times. After that she reverted to her super fast crawling antics. But after that as her confidence has grown, she is able to travel longer distances (sounds like she's preparing for a Marathon, doesn't it?) without falling down. Several feet, in fact. It's so much fun to watch her with her uneven gait, stumble along. Sometimes as she realises she's going to lose balance, she hurries to reach some support with an extra burst of energy! It makes me feel so proud though I am not responsible for anything. But, oh, it's so much fun watching her.

Squiggles has also discovered 'Mama'. Finally. Only a few months after 'Papa'. Only a few months *grits her teeth*. But it's such a sweet feeling when she goes in her whiny little way... Mamamamamammamam... and on and on till I pick her up. I never thought it would be so hard to resist that call. I'm wondering if I was better off without that :). She's going to get away with crazy stuff, this girl.

When DD comes home, she goes running to him, squealing Papa Papa and jumps into his arms. While he's at work she keeps pointing at his photographs, as if reminding me that he's around here somewhere and will be back soon.

She looks at herself in the mirror shyly and then gives herself a big grin. I think vanity has already arrived!


Suki said...

YAY Wiggly Little Squiggly :) . May those cheeks always stay that cute :P

Squiggles Mom said...

Suki - :)). I hope so too! What will I eat otherwise?