Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa


Happy Birthday! I'm missing you. Come back soon, with my presents :).

I've been quite busy while you've been away and I have managed not to break another one of your wine bottles. Honest. Mama has become a bit more fun. She's taking me down to the pool everyday and she's bought me loads of new toys. But she doesn't do the whoosh quite like you do. I miss my rides, the view from your shoulder is fantastic.

I'm trying really hard to walk. But I think I'm a bit scared of letting go. I think I may have taken a tiny weeny step on my own today but I'm not sure, it happened so fast. I think I might wait till you come back.

Aunty Yetty is a lot of fun and she plays with me all day long. Aunty Pari keeps coming over too and I think I like her now. Grandpa has been quite busy but he made up for it over the weekend. He keeps saying 'Ale, mera Sona' in that old man voice though. Mama keeps telling him to change the tone because it reminds her of the old man in the old Bajaj light bulb advert ("Roshan hota Bajaj") but you know what Grandpa's like. I don't mind it too much though.

We've been going out pretty much everyday. Ma is trying to keep herself and me busy. We've been meeting loads of new people and I'm enjoying it. Ma says I have to try and not squash other children's cup cakes. She said it wasn't very nice if your cake was pawed over by another child. I've said I'll try. But just between the two of us, I really don't see how THAT is going to work!

A big hug and a big kiss for you Paaaaaaaaaapa.



Wunderyearz said...

Awwwww! Thats such a cute post and you are such a darling.....

Squiggles said...

Thanks wunderyearz. Except papa hasn't acknowledged it. :(

ddmom said...

Cute post.
Squiggles dear, don't you worry about walking. Same here. I was kind of scared to start with. Then, this one day, it just happened.
Its hard when paapa is not around, I know. I squeal and cannot contain myself when he is back in the evening.
- Dlittle.

Smart Cookie said...
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Poppins said...

She looks adorable Squiggles Ki Ma! Absolute beaut. And yes the walking will start very soon, it's a memorable moment !

Orchid said...

:) cute!!

mnamma said...

She is beautiful Squiggle's Mom! Looks all grown up now :)Very cute post!

Peridot said...

Very sweet post