Sunday, March 23, 2008

Holi Hai

Bhang ka rang jama ho chaka chak,
Phir lo paan chabaye
Are aisa jhatka
Lage he jiya ko
Punar janam hoye jaaye

I now know what Amitabh meant in that inconic son from Don. I had my first real Bhang this morning. It took a couple of hours to take hold. Extreme drowsiness, giggling fits, slowdown of senses, relaxed limbs.

But that wasn't what Holi was all about for us this year. After almost 6 years I was lucky enough to be in India for Holi. And it was Squiggles' first Holi. We caught up with my family who are on any sane day a boisterous lot, but decidedly worse on Holi. An open house for friends was hosted by my aunt and the result was some good wholesome fun like I haven't had in a long while.

Happy Holi! I hope you had a good one too. Here's a picture of Squiggles from the day, with a yummy gujiya in her hand.


Candyfloss said...

Happy Holi!

Timepass said...

cute pic, did she ask for more gujiyas??

Mona said...

aww :)
happy holi!

Mona said...

aww :)
happy holi!

Nags said...

recently caught on to moppet tales and now you too :) fun!

mnamma said...

Happy holi to Squiggles and to you and your family!

Swati said...

Happy Holi !! Bhaaang ..I am still to taste that. Squiggles look cute with colours :)

Anonymous said...

Aren't the colors harmful? I would always break out every time somebody applied holi colors on my face.


Mama - Mia said...

cute!! :D

pity we didnt have no northie folks who would celebrate holi! so kabir's first was quite a dud!!

there will be otha times!!



utbtkids said...

Nice picture.
BTW, I like the way you end your posts.
Had been meaning to comment for a long time now. Inertia + blogger swallowed my comments a couple of times(Blogger sometimes gets annoyingly adament abt letting me comment thru my wordpress identity) :)

Squiggles Mom said...

Thanks everyone.

Timepass - No, she held on to it for dear life!

Amara - We used herbal gulal and it was actually very good. No rashes, no itching. And it came off pretty fast too.

Mama - mia - Next time you know where to come!

utbtkids - I know inertia :)). I'm the same. Never manage to leave a comment half the time.