Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wine, food and great company

The success to a great holiday is the company. In our case I mean company for S. We've just returned from a long weekend in the margaret river wine region in western Australia. S had her dear friend A along and the whole trip was a breeze. The kids had a blast, we relaxed and things were just hunky dory.

A and S get along really well. They've always played well though this time there was a competitive element as well which resulted in a few fights. But hey if kids don't fight then they're ill.

The trip was full of fauna - kangaroos, koalas, rabbits, sheep and deer. S was scared of petting and feeding the kangaroos but the koalas were not that scary. On a side note, did you know that koalas are not bears and sleep for upto 20 hours a day! Very cute :).

Anyway, I'm typing this while I am at work so gotta go. Ta!


Aneela Z said...

and did you know that they sleep for 20 hours a day as they have a very poor diet, read low energy. and that they are dying of syphilis...not exactly the poster-child of the animal kingdom!!!

Ro said...

Margret River, what a coincidence we were considering it last year but thought it involved too much travel(long flight and a drive). But id S enjoyed it P would too...so will pen it down for future. Where did u stay? And did you like it?