Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Want to have a daughter?

Amongst a lot of my friends, there is this desire to have a girl. So that they can buy pretty clips and cute clothes, have someone to talk to when they are old etc etc.

I've usually nodded my head, thinking that it makes sense. But as S grows older I'm realizing there's more to it than just the clothes and clips. Here's a quick snapshot of what you have to deal with.

1. Just this morning S was watching me get ready. She pointed at my tummy and in a matter of fact tone told me, "mama, you're tummy is so big. Mine is so small". I can't believe I am being called fat by my 2 year old!

2. S is after all my cosmetics. Every morning there is a tussle over a lipstick or nail polish. And everyday S moans, "Please mama, I am a big girl now". And when I turn a deaf ear, she runs away with my stuff and appears a few minutes later with her face smeared with the item of the day. I have already lost a lovely clinique lipstick and she almost ruined my ysl concealer. Being mum to a girl can be an expensive affair.

3. Talking of expenses, there is money that is spent on a girl that could be saved if there was a boy. Only girls like collecting shoes. S is fond of flip flops. Every time we go on holiday she picks up a pair. I spend a fortune on her hair accessories. Plus, as a girl, she has her daddy twisted around her little finger and can get him to buy her stuff that he really shouldn't like last weekend's 4 fish!

4. I have to worry about wearing my fav sandals. I blogged about her reaction a few posts ago. Sigh.

5. When I don't get my pedicure done, she is quick to point out, "mummy, you don't have beautiful"? Or, like once she told me that my nail colour wasn't nice. WTF?

There's more but maybe next time. Mothers of little boys, you have it easier don't you?


Munchkin said...

I am guilty of all the reasons you mentioned. More so because growing up I had a sister and loved it. I tend to compare that with my husbands family(two brothers) and see the difference in the general temperament of the house. So cut and dried. This convinced me that every family should have the pleasure of having at least one girl in the family.

Talking about expensive, we spend a fortune on automobile/car toys for the Munchkin. They can never have enough and the fond-daddy syndrome is an epidemic!

Sumana said...

Landed on your blog from Enigma's. You have a wonderful one Squiggles mom.
Coming to the the post, I am fine with buying my daughter's pairs and pairs of slippers etc. At the least they are kept well on an average. Oh the son, don't even talk about. Every outing he goes after a car/tractor/bulldozer and what not. They do not stay till he returns home. Huge tantrums sometimes. I think girls are better at times.