Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby in the tummy

I was feeding S by the pool the other day when she piped up with a shocker.

" mama, do you have baby in your tummy?"


Where on earth did that come from. So I calmly told her that no there was no baby in my tummy. Then I remembered that I was telling her about a friend who was pregnant and had described her as such. So serves me right.

It's just that in our friend circle everyone is expecting and we keep getting asked on when we're planning our second. It's almost like everyone's waiting for an announcement. So much so that I feel conscious when I decline to have a glass of wine as I suspect everyone will start speculating that I'm pregnant! But I just didn't expect the same question on my own home turf :).

After that we started asking S if she wanted a baby bro/ sis and having fun at her expense because her reaction, when we told her she would have to share her room and toys with the baby, was priceless. Poor thing.


Emaan said...

aww..apparently my mom's goin thru the same phase ! its like u read her mind ;-) lovely blog !

Squiggles Mom said...

Well I'm glad I'm not alone :)