Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Whining in full glory

It seems to have coincided with Squiggles' ability to finally acknowledge me as her Mother verbally. For what seemed like eons, she kept calling me Papa. She refused to say 'Mama' except in very dire circumstances. In fact, until about 2 weeks ago, she'd probably said 'Mama' not more than 5 times. This from a child who has been chattering since she was quite little and said 'Papa' when she was 10 months old.

But now that she's figured out my importance, the word 'Mama' is used incessantly whenever I am around and not very pleasantly, I might add. It's all in this little whining tone. 'Maaaama, Maa..ah huh..aama,'. You get the picture. And she keeps following me around, hugging my leg as if it's a lifeline, rubbing her face against my leg.

So, I wait almost 15 months to be addressed as 'Mama' only to find it's being over-used and in not very exciting ways either. While 'Papa' is still being used for DD and with great curiosity (Papa?, Where's Papa?, Paaaaaaaaaaaaaapa). Lucky bugger.


Avanti Sané said...

Hi Squiggles Mom,
The Munchkin and i have reached Singapore! Am meeting Priyanka in the next few days. could you please send me your contact number or something? Would love to meet up with you and squiggles too.

DotThoughts said...

ach. the thinkgs you do for em and they turn around and run to papa!! I feel your pain, girl!

Maggie said...

Yeah, I remember cribbing about Moppet not calling me Mama, and more experienced moms telling me there'd be a time when I'd wish she wouldn't call me at all! Didn't believe them then. Ha!

Preethi said...

Its always papa dearest.. sigh!!!

Squiggles Mom said...

Avanti - Would love to meet up but you haven't left any contact details. I've sent Priyanka an email in case you're in touch with her. My email is

Dotthoughts, Preethi - Sigh.... girls are fickle creatures.

Maggie - I know! I didn't believe it either :). Some things you just have to experience yourself.