Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vocabulary and other bits and pieces

Squiggles' vocabulary has been expanding of late. She finally has something from me...... the talking genes!

She can speak four languages. Honest. She can say four words from four different languages.
1. Nahin (Hindi)
2. Ada (Tamil)
3. Uda (Indonesian)
4. Flower (English)

Most of her words are in English though, even though I speak to her primarily in Hindi.

Some of the newer words she's picked up...
1. Hello - she enunciates it very clearly and since this is the mot du jour, she practices it constantly.
2. Flower - again very clearly pronounced.
3. Two - She said it for the first time today. And almost said 'Th...' (three).
4. Leaf
5. Shoes
6. Juice
7. Hi ya
8. Dudhu chahiye (want Milk)
9. Nahin Chahiye (don't want)
10. Ball
Seem to have forgotten the others :(. Will come back and edit this post as and when I remember some more.

She can also point out the nose on anyone's face. The eyes are a bit tricky at the moment because we're all wary of her poking her finger into our eyeballs! I'm telling you, it hurts. A lot.


She loves playing with balls. She has two tennis balls which she holds with both hands and then lets go of both of them by throwing both her hands simultaneously. We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon recently with DD and me at either end of the passage which all the rooms open in to, and Squiggles was in the middle running around throwing the tennis balls at us. We had so much fun. All three of us were giggling and throwing the balls all over the place.
Tennis Balls - $2, Family Fun: Priceless.

Squiggles is also quite a friendly child. Maybe even a tad bit over friendly. She manages to scare people off. The other day in the park, she approached a group of 6-7 year olds and went and poked one of the older girls (nicely). It was more of a little touch than a poke really. They looked at her in disgust and walked off! It was quite funny actually because they were kind of scared of this unknown entity :). They didn't know what to make of her, so ended up running away. Obviously I wanted to kill them first for ignoring my child but I got over that pretty soon to see the humour in the situation. A one year old chasing away a bunch of 3 footers!

Can't think of anything else earth shattering. Till next time. Have a super duper week.


Anonymous said...

:)...can hardly wait for the Munchkin to start talking...

KK said...

This is too tooo cute! She's getting so big! I can't wait for my school to give me a break in Jan (hopefully) so I can come and see her (and you and DD of course)!

Rohini said...

You know, I have noticed older kids can be quite cruel. Ayaan tries really hard to play with some of the older boys at the park but they won't give him the time of the day...

Squiggles Mom said...

themunchkinblog - Oh you'll have so much fun!

Kk - Yeah, and that's going to happen in the year...?

rohini - i wonder why? it's unexplicable. maybe it has something to do with finally being superior to someone. i guess kids are constantly made to feel that someone else is the boss and this is their chance to being the boss. do you think?