Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Giggles is 1 month old today

Time flies when you're having fun... or when you have 3 kids! It took a reminder from my sis for me to realise today Giggles was a month old. I'd been waiting so long for her that it still hasn't registered that she's well and truly here.

Giggles is growing well so far. Her features are becoming more distinct and it seems like unlike her sisters she might resemble me a tad bit more than DD. Finally! I'd given up since DD's genes seem to be the dominant one. As they say, third time lucky.

She's started responding to our wild gesticulations and every now and then bestows the sweetest smile on us. DD is particularly happy today because he was at the receiving end of a few smiles this morning in bed. Of course, it probably had to do with the fact that she had just been fed and was "milk drunk" but I'm not going to get any credit, am I?

The poor thing has reflux so that's challenging for both of us to handle. After every feed, we need to hold her up for a while till she feels comfortable and even then she spits up milks ever so often. Not to mention, the bothersome gas is making her uncomfortable too. Some nights are good when she sleeps at right for 4-5 hours and others like last night are tough when she's cluster feeding and can't settle down for a nap.

Squiggles and Wiggles are all over her and I'm sure she's wondering whether she's at home or in a madhouse! The constant chaotic sounds tend to disturb her and she's now able to express her displeasure with a grumpy cry when she can't take it any more.

We celebrated her bangle ceremony on her 28th day - check out the pics.

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#favoritemaasiever said...

Your sister is AWESOME! Haha.
Clearly, "best Maasi...ever!"

I can't wait for her 2nd Month update. Love these girlies.