Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home Alone

Not quite, but close enough. Actually not even close enough. I refer to the title of my post. Squiggles is not to be home alone. She will be with her grandparents. While we are off. To Tokyo. Sans Squiggles.

Yes, sans Squiggles. I mean, without S. Really. I know! For 5 days. The grandparents have the pleasure of her company for 120 hours. That should sort out the enthusiasm and complaints about not having her overnight. I'm just worried they won't ever volunteer again!

I'm not sure how I am going to cope. I see you can spot the selfish thought here. I am worried about S but I'm not worried about her being worried about me not being around. Right. Well, what I mean is that I think she will be fine but I will keep worrying that she's not because I think she will miss me. But in reality she will be fine. The evidence is here.

It'll be strange being on holiday without her. I haven't been away from her for even a day for the last 1 year, 2 months and 5 days, but who's counting? WHO?

It would be a good question why I'm doing this if I'm so worried. Well, because it would be a bit difficult travelling with her in Japan. She's usually in bed by 7pm and that basically takes the evening away from us and it's a bit crap if you have to spend the evening in crappy hotels in Japan where the rooms are like a tiny match box. We will be using public transport primarily and I'm not confident of doing whole days out and about with her. And who am I kidding, it would be rather nice to explore the place as we would in our pre-baby days. Not having to worry about anything or having to miss out on key bits because its not baby friendly. Excuses I know.

I will stop justifying myself and say that I am excited. We're going in the new A380. We will go to Kyoto for a night Go for a day to Mt. Fuji. And spend a couple of days in Tokyo. I leave on Wed late night and am back Mon evening. I'm looking forward to picking up some nice Japanese lacquerware but I have promised myself that I will not spend too much time looking for it. And the food should be fantastic. I'm not worried about DD even though he is vegetarian because really, who asked him to be veggie? Huh, not me! Selfish, I know :).

And I will not call S too often. I think.



Avanti Sané said...

I think you should ditch the guilt and have a blast. After all she is with your own parents right?
Hope you have a great time!

Priyanka said...

WOW, Japan sounds great ! Esp. Kyoto, do you still get to see geishas out there? Lemme know once you are back. Have a Blast !!

Rohini said...

I think you will have a great time - just leave the guilt back home. She will be FINE, but you already know that...

DotThoughts said...

I have always wanted to visit Japan. Looking forward to reading about your experiences :) Don't let the guilt overcome you. Enjoy the trip and come abck recharged to S. And bring her a lil kimono, will ya :)

choxbox said...

hey hope you are having a blast!

Sue said...

Aaaand? How was it?