Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lick Lick Lick

It seems that Squiggles is always on the lookout for things to lick. She will be crawling but will stop midway to lick the floor and then carry on. As she tries to hold on to the table and stand up, she will take a lick of the table. As she stands in her crib trying to look for me, she will take the time out to lick the side bars. If I admonish her, she will give me a silly grin. And I try hard not to grin back. Actually if I'm honest, most times I smile back. Until she starts licking again. I worry that my failure to stop her will lead to an 18 year old with a licking fetish. But I know that this is the silly imaginings of a silly mom. Meanwhile I've been enjoying this silliness. Until this morning that is.

She's been after my slipper for the last couple of weeks but I've always managed to take it away before it reaches her mouth. This morning as I was indulging myself with catching up with DotMom and her blog (which I've missed terribly), I turned around to find that the little monkey had crawled a fair distance, navigated around the comfy chairs and was sitting there happily licking my slippers. And let me state here for posterity that she was licking the SOLE of my slipper.

I was laughing as I rushed to take it from her and told her in a stern voice that she wasn't to do it again.

But some part of me was relieved. My generation has grown up eating mud, licking floors and what not. My daughter isn't missing out. In fact, she's also licked some plants and flowers this morning as she was let loose on our tiny balcony. Yippeeee. The world is as it should be.

*signs off with a silly grin*


Suki said...

It's lovely to see you so "bindaas" as Squiggly Wiggly Squiggles goes on her licking spree!
Picture? Please?

DotMom said...

hahhaha. the day when she will lick the soles of her muddy shoes is not far behind :) Ever try going down and looking at things from her POV??? Its sooooo interesting.. and yeah it would also be a good time to pick that tumbtack under that chair :)

Sue said...

You're tagged.

Anonymous said...

happy sigh. i totally relate yet again. so funny- how hygienic baby growing seems to have gotten since i was a kid. and im glad for the old fashioned ways too!

Anonymous said...

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