Monday, September 11, 2017

It's all about creating memories

It's been a while since I posted. Whilst I enjoyed writing this blog, the intention was always for this to serve as a place that would help me capture some of the memories of these precious years. Social media took over and so I stopped feeling the need to blog. But I found social media to be too intrusive and I couldn't really write about what was on my mind so I stopped posting. And thus came about this chasm in memory land.

I wasn't really going to do anything about it until one day recently squiggles discovered my blog and started reading it. There was some stuff she liked and others she was embarrassed by. It served as a good reminder about why one should not blog. But a few days later my brother called me and said my niece was inconsolable after having read one of my blog posts. I couldn't imagine what could have led to it.

But when I read the post I got it. Whilst it wasn't a very well written post, the raw emotion there was startling. I think at the time he didn't know I was blogging and so I had written it never fully expecting him go ever come across it. It took me back to that time so clearly. I had forgotten how emotional it had been and how much it has affected me. And it made me start thinking that I was glad I had captured the emotion of that day so I could revisit it. And it left me with a feeling of regret that many other experiences, emotions and thoughts remain lost in time.

I don't know how much I am really going to blog but it feels good to write this one.

Hello to myself.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Giggles - happy 6 months

Happy birthday giggles!! Can't believe you're 6 months old today.
I've resumed work today and you gave me such a beautiful smile as I was leaving. I've been dreading coming back to work but it's been ok so far. I'm pumping as I type.

Love you loads baby. Be good. Muah!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Squiggles learns to ride a bike

Congratulations Squiggles on learning how to ride a bicycle! This amazing feat was achieved on Saturday 29th Mar'14!!

It took an amazing amount of cajoling, blackmailing and scolding to get you to start learning though. You were scared of falling and didn't want to try. DD and I lost our patience and almost wanted to give up. But we persevered and so did you.

So, whenever you're reading this remember what I always tell you - things remain difficult if you don't try them but always get easier if you do. Hopefully, by now you don't need this reminder!

Well done - muah!!

PS - This is the first thing that you know that I don't *wink*. I'm planning to rectify this once Giggles grows up.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The small things that are actually big things

As I was putting Squiggles to bed last night, she was cranky and acting up. I asked her if something was bothering her or if anything had happened at school to upset her. She nodded tearfully and said that her friend had told everyone that she had said something that was not right. Apparently the teacher said recess was for 10mins and her friends thought S said it was for 10 hours and started telling everyone. So, S wasn't happy that she was saying this when she had not said that recess was for 10 hours.

This had been playing on her mind all evening and she was upset about it. DD and I tried explaining to her that sometimes people say silly things and she should ignore it. Or, alternatively she should fight back and tell them they were being silly. But none of the numerous approaches we outlines were making sense to her.

Ultimately, I think DD lost patience and told her to get over it and go to bed.

Something that innocuous could cause so much distress... who knew?

Wiggles starts school

Wiggles has been dying to go to school for the last few months and the day finally arrived on 24th Mar. In preparation she had already got a new school bag and water bottle. Thankfully, neither was pink. She chose a blue elephant design bag and a green water bottle. After the incredibly painful "pink"phase with Squiggles I don't think I could have taken more of that!

The 1st day was just a half an hour orientation with me present. She was quiet and didn't really interact much with the teacher. But she was excited by the playground. There is an elephant slide there which thrilled her little heart with delight. The next day was another half an hour session with me present but she was comfortable with me sitting outside the classroom. At the end of the half hour she didn't want to leave so that was good!

The next day was the big day where I had to leave her for 2 hours. Whilst the night before she claimed she didn't want to go to school, she was more than happy to get up and get ready in the morning. I went to drop her off. As she was entering her class I told her to say hello to everyone and she said in the cutest way possible "Hello Everybody"! Of course the other little kids didn't even respond!

When I went to pick her up she didn't really want to come home (she had a short day whilst the rest of the kids continued with their day). On day 4, she went for the full 3 hours and when I picked her up she was very happy but could have stayed longer. She rushed to the playground and made friends with another little girl who she had never met before. That's Wiggles for you - ever smiling and super friendly.

On day 5, we put her on the school bus. Later her teacher told me she cried when she reached the classroom as her teacher wasn't there. Once she met her teacher she was fine for the rest of the day.

Giggles is 1 month old today

Time flies when you're having fun... or when you have 3 kids! It took a reminder from my sis for me to realise today Giggles was a month old. I'd been waiting so long for her that it still hasn't registered that she's well and truly here.

Giggles is growing well so far. Her features are becoming more distinct and it seems like unlike her sisters she might resemble me a tad bit more than DD. Finally! I'd given up since DD's genes seem to be the dominant one. As they say, third time lucky.

She's started responding to our wild gesticulations and every now and then bestows the sweetest smile on us. DD is particularly happy today because he was at the receiving end of a few smiles this morning in bed. Of course, it probably had to do with the fact that she had just been fed and was "milk drunk" but I'm not going to get any credit, am I?

The poor thing has reflux so that's challenging for both of us to handle. After every feed, we need to hold her up for a while till she feels comfortable and even then she spits up milks ever so often. Not to mention, the bothersome gas is making her uncomfortable too. Some nights are good when she sleeps at right for 4-5 hours and others like last night are tough when she's cluster feeding and can't settle down for a nap.

Squiggles and Wiggles are all over her and I'm sure she's wondering whether she's at home or in a madhouse! The constant chaotic sounds tend to disturb her and she's now able to express her displeasure with a grumpy cry when she can't take it any more.

We celebrated her bangle ceremony on her 28th day - check out the pics.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Every time wiggles gets a bruise, scrape or cut she promptly goes and applies toothpaste on it. This home remedy has been taught to her by my helper.

Last night I was complaining to her that I had a headache. Her prompt suggestion to me was - "you want to put toothpaste on your head?" Ummmm no!

One afternoon before giggles was born, wiggles and I were just lazing around in bed about to doze off for our afternoon nap. Wiggles wasn't in the mood for a nap but I was and I kept trying to pat her. Bored with my attempts she said to me with a twinkle in her eye - "I feel like doing something naughty mama!" Oh dear!