Thursday, August 11, 2011

Of dinosaurs and princesses

S is going through her girliest phase ever and this is driving DD nuts, to put it politely. He wants her to think about counting, spelling and stamp collections and all she enjoys is makeup, princess games and nail art!

Take for example this lunchtime conversation. S was busy playing with these cut outs from her dinosaur book as she ate her lunch and decided that naming the dinosaurs would be fun. So, one was christened Sophie and the other was named Rose.

But this was too much for DD to swallow and in exasperation he said, "S, that is a T-Rex and the other one is a brontosaurus!"

To which Squiggles' look of exasperation was worth capturing, "Papa, they need to have a name". And she continued with this irritating naming convention :) which bugged DD no end.

He tried again for a few more times before admitting defeat!

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Kari said...

hahaha, she is adorable!!!