Monday, September 13, 2010

The story of Ganesha

Well, the latest episode from Ms. Drama Queen was on Ganesh Chaturthi. For a change I decided that we would try to celebrate the festival at home so that S would know what the meaning of this festival was.

Invariably, we all woke up late and were too lazy too shower. I decided to tell S the story of how Ganeshji came about having an elephant head. Suffice to say, that my story telling was so good, that she thought that the elephant had cut off the baby's head and she insisted that we take her to the temple to see the headless baby!

She fell asleep in the afternoon and so we couldn't take her to the temple but the next day she just wouldn't leave the topic. I even managed to get her into a pretty lehenga for the occasion. Her cousin's influence is obvious though. She came to our room to show herself off and she had one hand on one side of her hip and she was shaking her hips on the other side :). It was so cute. She even agreed to wear bangles and payal and a dupatta. Before you ask, I'm not sure if we took a pic or not.

We landed in the mandir and were there for barely a minute when they started some loud singing which got her upset :(. It stopped just as were about to leave. And the first question was 'where is the baby elephant'.
I'm still struggling to get the story right in her head but I think I may have to give up.

Moral of the story - The elephant cut the baby's head but S's head is safe because she is no longer a baby!

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