Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's all about pink

I didn't realize when pink became an obsession with S. I've always tried to get her neutral colours when I buy her clothes or pick up toys. And I am hideously bored with the colour pink. So I've tried to influence her away from pink subtly through my choice of colours. It's but obvious that someone decided to teach me a lesson about not being able to control everything!

Her love of pink can only be termed an obsession! When we ask her what she wants for her birthday (which is coming up soon), she says 'pink'. Not pink toys, not pink clothes but just 'pink'.

She wants a pink party for her 3rd birthday. So the mother in me has overcome my dislike of this ubiquitous colour and decided to grant her her wish. Though I have to admit I'm hoping that an overdose of pink will cure her of it. But I'm sure my hopes will be dashed!

Coming to her wish for a pink party, I'm getting her a princess bouncy castle which is not all pink but lilac and pink. It's the most girly bouncy castle they have. There will be pink and purple balloons. The table cloths, cutlery and crockery will all be pink. DD has made a pink donkey for the pin the tail game. We've painted alphabets which spell out her name and we are going to put them outdoors and it's pink and purple. The cake is a bright candy pink, an eyesore but pink :). I just realized she doesn't really have pink party dress or shoes so we're going to have to rectify that on Friday before the party. And we have to buy her a pink birthday present which I'm thinking of taking her to the toy store and letting her choose.

I have to admit one thing before I end *sheepish*. Whenever everyone asks me what she's into and what she would like for her birthday I don't tell them the truth. If I tell everyone that she has a pink obsession then all her presents will be pink. In any case it's hard to find things for girls which are not pink. And one last thing, I tell them she's into books and puzzles and don't mention she likes princess. She will get enough pink girly presents as it is so don't make me feel guilty ok?

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masii poo said...

hahahaha--aww :)but she just looks so cute and so adorable ! I love her sweetu-ness. I miss her !!!